The sixth millennium dawns as the suns fade

Welcome to the end of history.

The Great Houses

Claiming descent from Holy Terran nobility, the Royal Houses offered security and peace to desperate masses when society collapsed.

Church of the Pancreator

During the Diaspora, a simple priest received a vision tochange the Known Worlds. His name was Zebulon, later hailed as a prophet.

The Merchant League

Upon the death of the Second Republic, some refused to let humanity sink into anti-technological barbarism.


Not all belong and not all can maintain their affiliation. Yeoman are the free agents who don’t comfortably fit.


Tales from the
dark future
of Mankind

Fading Suns is avant-garde interactive improvisational theatre, that accommodates all sorts of stories in its setting, mimicking genres from all over the spectrum.

Though it’s grounded in a science-fiction setting, it has many similarities with fantasy: feudal social structures, occult mysteries, and a Golden Age that lies in the past (the Second Republic).


The Troupe

Troupes are named after the Diaspora-era miracle play ensembles that spread tales of
the words and deeds of the Prophet and his disciples across the Known Worlds.

Marquese  Izarbe Damaris Merzez Checa Dulcinea y Solano de Montilla del Hazat de Sutek y Stigmata


Liege-Lord of Eastmont County

Chief Byron Stilmann


Seneschal to Marquese Izarbe

Lt. Zufria Dolormiente


Personal pilot to Marquese Izarbe

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