Excerpt From “Demons in the Shadows”

(Excerpt from Bishop Gules Devlin’s book “Demons in the Shadows”)


Amongst those beliefs already listed here, the debased practices of the Gjarti must also be addressed. The followers are throwbacks to the days of savagery and the base worship of primal pantheons. Their mythology comes from the aberrant visions of a Sutekan farmer (and ardent technosophist) who claimed he could speak to “spirits” originating from deep within the planet.

These “spirits” often appeared to followers as a nude female (similar, one might add, to the many lascivious forms of Layalath, the Demon Sultana of Lust ruling the 7th Qlippoth). There have been certain reports indicating that this female “spirit” would then tempt those around it into lewd acts, including sexual congress between alien races.

In addition to their other sins, these heretics encourage the rampant use of mind (and soul) altering drugs on an astonishingly frequent basis. This, they claim, helps them “commune with the spirits”. The spirits they talk to in this manner often grant them gifts, such as the infernal power to dominate lower life forms or to alter the natural order of things by changing the weather to suit their needs.

Needless to say that, because of these tainted ‘gifts’, they are not to be underestimated.

In practice, the followers of this heresy protect their “holy sites” (basically, anywhere this nude spirit has been seen) by attacking or sabotaging those that they feel will disrupt the spirits’ home. These attacks usually focus on industrial areas and areas of civilization.

However, other than these attacks, these pagans may act, and appear in truth to be, loyal servants of the existing order. They may even loudly proclaim their feudal vows, while at the same time continuing their feral rituals in woods far from Church sight. Be not deceived by their cunning lies…

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