The poet Sariel’s Ukari name is “Tiona Adwontha” which translates literally as “Perfect Tone of the One God.” In ukari lore, the Perfect Tone is the tone that created the nine universes. The name Sariel is the name of an angel from the pre-reflective Christian Book of Enoch. Sariel translates literally into “Command of God.”

I miss the stars at night. Here within the Hub, the lights of the thumini, the humans, pollute the sky. It is not so on my homeworld. There, from the spires of Sajik, you can gaze into the heavens and see the footprints of the Dwyan, the gods across the sky. You can hear the bi-radials sing as the sun rises, their strange voices merging in holy melody. You can breathe free.

Yet it is here, not on Aylon, that I must be, to minister to the needs of my people and my brother, Uriel. The steps of sapa, of destiny, are not kind ones for the Ukar, nor are they meant to be. To achieve great things, one must first take large steps.

My ba’amon, my body-art, speaks of my life’s journey; the comforting ridges of the scars tell the story of who I was and am. Tend to my voice for a moment and I will sing them to you.

  1. Sidir
  2. Ti ir Ukar
  3. Rolvoktha Sada
  4. Dashedi Gund
  5. E Ringi Ti Thumini
  6. Nordatida Thumini
  7. Thumini Rivga Tant Ukari, Rivga Ukari Amog
  8. Ukar Sapa Thumini
  9. Thumini kadan kor
  10. GoQuan a Uluk
  11. Ba’amon Taudwon
  12. Dwynor kadani, ba’nor kraxi
  13. Nomo Tiana Amdwontha
  14. Kraxi Fier Kadan Morimk
  15. Rinsada, dashedi gippunkor Taudwon, Taudwon Himona toda Rivga Gunta.
  16. Navarajji, Nor Dwontha a Rillos
  17. Nordatida gippunkor kada myr tant Ukari.
  18. Nordatida Rivga moro gund, noddavitya Kada Amog.
  19. Rivga Anikrunta Dzwornga
  20. Rivga Gunta Ukari, tavi kadani
  21. Tlinto sadaroun kada, Adim taudwon Ukari, Ukari nor-rivga Dwontha!
  1. [We are] Sidir
  2. People of the Blood Oath
  3. Children of Aylon
  4. [We] walk [the path of] fire
  5. And live among the Unquiet People. (Humans)
  6. [During the] war [against the] humans
  7. [We] allied with the humans, enemies of our People, [saving] the People from death.
  8. We are bound to the human’s fate.
  9. The humans [are our] greatest trial.
  10. Third-born to clan chieftain [I am]
  11. Marked as holy
  12. Hair black as night, teeth sharp as knives.
  13. Named “God’s Command” [by the clan priest].
  14. [At the age] of long knives, [I fought with] the Fifth Dark Legion
  15. [At the age] of lovers, [I] went [to] Prophet’s Hill, [where] Zebulon first preached the Holy Flame.
  16. [I came to] the Navrajji [and saw] the Great Face of our Gods, the Sons of Rillos.
  17. I Fought in the Valley of Shadow against rebel Ukari.
  18. I Fought husks in the southern jungles and stopped the Green Death they carried.
  19. My spirit is filled with a vision of what is.
  20. The One fire burns us; we walk the dark paths
  21. As a light to the lost, I must minister to the many, so that my people grow strong.

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