To the Esteemed Baron Adolf Morituri Decados

I am writing you on behalf of your son, Rasputin. I wish to inform you that he has proven to be a great ally to myself here on Stigmata. He has performed his duties in the highest caliber. In his short time here, he has built up a formidable military unit and he has done so in the poorest of counties, where resources and skilled personnel are scarce.

I find him to have a brilliant mind in the field of leadership and tactics, both of which I am grateful for in our current state. I humbly request that he be awarded his next rank within the house and family. I believe that he would do justice to the rank of baronet and have every confidence in his abilities to excel even further.

I know that he would succeed in the managing of more resources allotted for his rank in the county.


Vasili Constantine Decados, Marquis

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