Death Certificate: Duke Abbadon

Duke Lucifer Abbadon Decados, Lord of Cadiz, Heir of the Decados was killed this 15th day of Horach, 4989 in Hanford Keep on Stigmata. It has been ascertained that poison was the cause of death. No heirs were named prior to his demise; his sister was on hand, however, and has since claimed the Duchy by Right of Birth.

Death occurred in the evening hours of this day due to Rathchassa, a bio-organic neurotoxin from Sevrus. The poison was introduced into the Duke’s system via dart approximately 3-4 hours before he succumbed. The dart punctured the trapesius, just posterior to the right occipital.

Toxin was a neural decomposer that attacked neural transmitter sites, as well as a stimulant that served to mask the effects of the poison. Due to the proximity of the deployed poison to the brain, most of the damage was localized to the brain and near-cranial portion of the spinal cord.

In addition, a post-mortem injury occurred to the Duke Lucifer’s body, cause is as yet unknown. Some type of force was applied to the throat, causing the ventral exposure of the 3rd to 5th cervical vertebrae. Potential exists for cause of injury by psionics, however it is outside my capabilities to determine the culprit.

Blood analysis found the following drugs in Duke Decados’ system:

  • Osyrasine
  • Methanone
  • Libbadnum
  • Hetrisol
  • Selchecka.

Alcohol content was 2.44%, and extensive tissue examination suggested addictions to both alcohol and Selchaka.

Further examination of the body revealed a gross reconfiguration of internal organs within the abdomen and thorax, deliberately performed by surgical means (minimum 7 years prior to death), that mimics the internal organization of organs within the genus Utamara, a lizard native to Cadiz.

Reasons for organ rearrangement are inconclusive, but all indications point to no significant lasting effects to the Duke’s overall quality of life. As an additional note, at the request of the Duchess Lillith Decados, the body was examined specifically for implants, however none were found.

Autopsy witnessed in part by:

  • Duchess Lillith Decados, sister to Duke Lucifer Abbadon Decados
  • Count Masamoto of the Li-Halan, who also lent his assistance to the autopsy

Autopsy witnessed in full by:

  • Count Kol von Heller Decados
  • Lord Jabril ibn Rashid ibn Musah al-Malik ab-Decados

Autopsy performed by:

  • Count Masamoto of the Li-Halan
  • Engineer Corvanna of Ischaldar
  • Apprentice Engineer Endomar Sordeik

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