A Would-be Knight’s Letter to the Hawkwoods

written by a simple, honest hand, barely tutelaged in writing.

My Lady Hawkwood,

Your loyal citizens, I among them, feel blessed by your presence. No, more than that – we feel that the Pancreator has sent you as a godsend in these dark times! For scores of years, we have toiled under the Decados yoke, indignity upon indignity heaped upon our forefathers. Imagine our surprise when we learned a noble Hawkwood was to take power!

As this was a sign from heaven, we have taken action as well. At risk to life and limb, we have marched upon lands that were held by our forefathers, lands unjustly taken from us! And we will reclaim them for your glory from the hated people of Ridgecrest.

Rest assured, my hallowed lady, your people shall aid you in whatever way you require to once again make Highlake, a now-reunified nation, the jewel of Eastmont!


Ian Praesanse

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