A Small Security Breach



TO: Endomar Sordiek

Guildmaster, Eastmont County

FROM: Mawrick Genkynn

Guild Security, Gideon’s Gate

Esteemed Colleague,

This is to inform you of a break-in to your facilities on the night-cycle of 02.15.02. Upon initial investigation, little evidence was found, beyond that the thief was quite selective in what material was actually taken from the lab.

By the Guild Copyright, Personal Infringement, & Privacy Act of 4982, no detailed investigation was ever undertaken and will not be undertaken without your express written permission. However, to assist you in determining what is missing, we discovered the following codes used as labels:

Aint live bizarre

Should there be any breakthroughs in this case or should you come up with any possibilities as to who may be responsible.

Thank you.

Mawrick Genkynn

Muster Mawrick Genkynn

Guild Security

Gideon’s Gate.

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