An Impromptu Visit

To: Charioteers of Eastmont County, Stigmata

From: Consul Josephina Stagg

Regarding: Visit

I am sorry this missive arrives so close to my approach. I hope that it is not an inconvenience.

I think the topic will make any pain and suffering worth your while.

Stagg lines recently got a jump key to this planet and Guild Contracts for inner-stellar communications. This is not an exclusive contract, however, our resources put us in a particularly

fine position to launch a new endeavor of this magnitude. We plan to “set up shop” here, so to speak. We’ll be instrumental in getting Stigmata and this System some notice. At least, that’s the plan.

I came to Stigmata with expectation of locating our project in the County of Northern Lights or Darmak Station. I met Count Romanov at the Star Court in Darmak and he was charming enough to get me to think about coming here. He suggested I come to the County to see what it is about and I have taken him up of his offer.

Nothing formal needs to be set up (Pancreator help us if anything formal DOES happen. Dog and Pony shows are not my speed). I just want to get a sense of what is here and how it might look for us to be located here. If informal meetings could be set up with the Guild Master, your Court Keeper and the Masseri who is setting up the Star Port and anyone else you think would be of interest, that would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing the Guild Hall and meeting other Guilders. So far, those I have met on this planet have been most interesting.



PS If you decide it’s worth your time to suck up to me to try and get us to come here, I favor fine

ale and have a vested interest in the shipping and receiving of precious and unusual objects. I also like area that can show my pilots a good time when they are off duty and that encourages Star Port Commerce.

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