County of Northern Lights

The County of Northern Lights is one of the largest remaining counties on the planet Stigmata. Built in the pre-Symbiot past, it has fallen on hard times since the alien invasion. Cut off from most support and lacking a usable starport, it still boasts the strongest industrial infrastructure on Stigmata, but its economy is a far cry from what it what once.

The County of Northern Lights is divided up into 6 large cities that form two interconnected ‘Metropoli’ and a smaller barony. Recently, the lord of the Silver Phoenix Metropolis died at the hands of the Symbiots. Since the chain of succession in this turbulent county is not clear, his lands are currently being held in a stewardship by Contessa Syvanna Decados and Baron Jared Cortiera Hazat. In addition to this, Baron Cortiera and Contessa Syvanna are officially courting one another. Their impending wedding will further consolidate control of this County into a single power base – most likely into that of the strong willed Syvanna.


SILVER PHOENIX Count Vlad Yennek Xtian Li-Halan (deceased)
  • Cardianl City (Court of Cardianl)
    • Cardianl Dome
    • Dai-Ban Weapons Factory
    • Old City of Cardianl
  • City of Rzen (Court of Rzen)
    • Cottage of Earl Solomon Li-Halan
    • Paladins of Rzen
    • Rogue Mistress Shipping
  • Iron City of Alajhar (Court of Iron)
    • Iron Legion
    • Mamluks
    • Monastery of the Fallen Tear
EVERSMERECountess Vasina Syvanna Angeline Decados
  • Ciudad de Leon (Court of Leon)
    • Casino Jezebel
    • El Castillo de Leon
    • De Leon Tram Service
    • Mission of Compassionate Mistress
  • Ciudad Cortez (Court of Cortez)
    • Cathedral of Holy Light
    • Cortez Diamond Mine
    • Evertrans
    • Ganon Clotherers
  • Lament City (Court of Lament)
    • Lament Pharmaceuticals
    • Monastery of Beatific Hope
    • Obsidian Palace
BARONY OF SANTA CRUZBaron Jared del Montagne i Byzantus Cortiera Hazat.
  • Red Sand Sea of Jhad (Court of Jhad)
    • Convent of St. Agnes
    • The Strip
    • Jhad Air Base
  • Mercy (Court of Mercy)
    • Mercy Court
    • Lorebringers of Mercy
    • Osiris Oil
  • Badlands of Kharne (Court of Kharne [Under control of Vengeful Flame of the Sacred Desert])
    • Lady Amelia Masseri
    • Sand Castle
    • Vengeful Flame of the Sacred Desert

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