Eastmont Winter Update

The Court of Alexandria



The wife of a local dairy farmer (who was killed when locals suspected he was a Symbiot) was beaten, and forced out of Alexandria in the middle of winter after her appeal for sanctuary to an Eskatonic church was turned down. The fate of her six children was dire as well; three of the children were killed by the mob that killed her husband, two starved, and the last was left for dead. The dairy farm was awarded to Lawrence Simmons, the church-going man who led the mob, who promised to kill all of the potentially infected cattle and start anew with stock purchased from the Duchene ranch.

There are more reports of plague coming from Alexandria and it seems like a resurgence of the Crimson Death is inevitable come the spring rains. Already, requests are being sent to the local Garrison to contain and (potentially) destroy Downriver Alexandria, where it is feared the contagion is coming from.

On the night of Lux Splendor, in a brilliant coup by the gentry of Eastmont County, negotiations to open up an Imperial Embassy began. This, in effect, created a temporary Embassy for the night and thus fulfilled the Emperor’s requirement to free slaves who would bring a light to the Embassy (see the December Town Crier’s report for details). Since most of the Muster were stationed at the Imperial Embassy in Garrison City, only a handful were available to try and stop the wave of slaves that arrived in Eastmont County. By the end of Lux Splendor, over 5000 slaves, most of them from the County of Northern Lights, were freed.

The Eskatonic Priest known as K’ithon the Twice-Burned was accused of heresy once again by Brother Battle, most notably the leader of the 3rd SOG army, Brother Theosidus. In response, Father K’ithon fled the planet, with the assistance of the Eskatonic Bishop Heron of Gideon’s Gate. His current whereabouts are unknown.

An unrepentant psychic, Baronet Cezar al-Malik, was put on trial in Alexandria. After his public proclamation of guilt, he was taken away to parts unknown by Brother Battle.

There has been a significant amount of talk on the wharves that the Charioteers Guild is considering a quarantine for Eastmont County, especially since there are still rumors about Symbiot infestation and the potential for plague.

The Court of Deep Forest



A local Amalthean, Sister Madeline Fabre, has opened up a hospital in Deep Forest. Able to handle up to fifty patients at a time, the hospital has been operating at near capacity with refugees from the fighting in Northwarden and Ridgecrest.

A wooden slat with apparently Vuldrok writing was found in Deep Forest and given to the Marquis of Eastmountain for analysis. Evidence of Vuldrok involvement seems to match a series of random attacks by barbarians that have been occurring throughout the year. The attackers may be left over from the Vuldrok invasion of 4998, though the reasons for their continued presence on this world was a mystery.

The Amalthean Hospital was attacked by a group of pumpkin-headed demons late in the Winter. Though repelled by Brother Battle, it was with much horror that the Brothers saw the demon’s limbs still moving, even after being severed from the body.

Because of the attack on the hospital, a local witch, Dame Fester, was targeted for death by Brother Battle. Before they could catch her, she has gone missing, though some people ‘in-the-know’ claim that the ‘Dark Lord of the Forest’ took her away for her sins against creation.

The Holding of the person once known as Aramus the Forsaken has now been re-christened as St. Johanna’s Keep. It is now been discovered that Aramus had been unjustly slain, being one of the faithful and not an atheist as previously thought. There is also some possibility that Aramus may be up for sainthood, though as of yet, this has solely been a rumor.

The Nobility and the Church of Eastmont County almost came to blows during the re-christening of the Holding of Aramus the Forsaken. The incident has been blamed, in part, on the influence of unwholesome and restless spirits that frequented the Keep before its rededication to St. Johanna.

A local Amalthean, Sister Madeline Fabre, has been promoted by the Amalthean Holy See from Novitiate to Canon.

The Court of Eastmountain



Because the church failed to investigate rumors of demonic possession, over half of a small village is dead. A village to the south of Eastmont Dale suffered from a demonic presence after the recent winter harvest festival. Fearful that this presence would spread, locals outside of the village quarantined the village, preventing it from receiving needed supplies of food.

The Tri-River Transport Service is currently hiring people for rebuilding its once massive fleet. It is known that the local nobility are funding the expansion. Unfortunately, the local shipyard must be repaired and upgraded before such expansion can be contemplated.

Marquis Visili, lord of Eastmountain, was poisoned at his own gathering. Though the poisoner was caught and executed, the reason behind this attack is still unknown.

Baronet Cromwell Rosewood Hawkwood, Court Keeper of Deep Forest, and Don Arias Navarro del Hazat crossed swords in a legal duel. Though clearly the less skilled opponent, fate was on Cromwell’s side and he struck the first and final blow.

Elements from Eastmountain went to the Brother Battle leadership of 3rd SOG and successfully negotiated the removal of those forces from Northwarden.

Count Vladimir Romanov Decados has, under advisement of the Council of Lords, elected to petition to become a Questing knight for Emperor Alexius. It is unknown at this time if the request has been granted.

The Court of Highlake



After the forceful takeover of several assets of Ridgecrest by Highlake, the Council of Lords, under the leadership of Sir Natas Romanov, have decreed the unification of the two Courts. Highlake & Ridgecrest are now ‘Highcrest’. The first nobility to emerge with this new Court was the local hero, Sir Ian Praescence formerly of Highlake, who is scheduled to marry Margaret Eastcaroll of Ridgecrest this summer.

A natural gas explosion that shook the town of Cooper’s Reach in fall has combined with the heavy winter snows to cause some slippage in the mountain-side town. A petition for help will most likely reach the Council of Lords within the next season.

The Avesti under the command of K’ithon the twice-burned went to Imbruglio’s to investigate reports of a strange man w/burning eyes. There, they found evidence that he was the servant of a local Engineer who lives in Stone River. The servant was left behind at Trey’s Keep when his master fled the planet during the Millennial War. The one patient he visited – a Brother Battle who had once been involved in the siege of Trey’s Keep -is still in a catatonic state.

New Hawkwoods have arrived in the County. Lady Alia Hawkwood and her retinue have been seen in the Hunting Lodge at Stone River, in addition to taking up residence at Overlook Peak.

The Stone River garrison, under the command of Baronet Raban Decados, had been wintering at Highlake after investigating Henry’s Hole for possible infiltration by Symbiots. Later, they were ordered to leave Highlake to search Ridgecrest for the escaped psychic, Cezar al-Malik before returning to their home in Stone River.

Northwarden Court



Elements of the 3rd Battalion clashed with advanced troops from the 3rd SOG Brother Battle Legions, in retaliation for the death of their commander. In response, the 3rd SOG took over the Court completely and tried to kill the previous Court Keeper, Baron Vladimir the Lesser. They also attempted to bring Oblate Marcus Nolin, a Brother battle and leader of the Northwarden Garrison to justice before leaving the Court after negotiations with Marquis Visili and other notables from Eastmountain.

Unknown elements of Northwarden’s military used Xaos nerve gas in an unsuccessful attack against 3rd SOG. The retaliation was horrific as 3rd SOG proceeded to pepper the countryside with artillery barrages. The result was many civilians dead and severe property damage. The army of 3rd SOG then proceeded to march towards the capital of Eastmont County to kill Count Vladimir Romanov. Thankfully, negotiations led by Marquis Visili and other elements of the Eastmont County gentry succeeded in averting this objective.

Don Arias Navarro del Hazat takes over duties as Court Keeper in Northwarden to much fanfare among the populace. It is apparent that his temperament may be a match for Northwarden’s.

The rebellion by Northwarden secessionists was unsuccessful due to the intercession of 3rd SOG. Currently, Northwarden is still a part of Eastmont County.

Some scant evidence has been uncovered that the County of Northern Lights helped to destabilize Northwarden by providing weapons and equipment. The most damning evidence comes from the use of Xaos gas, the components of which are known to be used in certain manufacturing processes in the County of Northern Lights.

Unfortunately, due to the tremendous disruption caused by 3rd SOG forces and the exceptionally harsh winter, starvation has been rampant in this Court, despite aid from an Eskatonic shipment of food.

Ridgecrest Court



Much to its shock, Ridgecrest was allowed to be assimilated into Highlake by the Count, Vladimir Romanov of the Decados. He did so by marrying a local heroine, Margaret Eastcaroll, to a new knight from Highlake. Tensions remain high, though, as the people of Ridgecrest are certain that the people of Highlake mean to exterminate them.

Elements of what appeared to be Highlake troops came into Ridgecrest and started to randomly massacre the inhabitants. The fighting only stopped when the troops were finally recalled by Brother Battle Erasmus of Highlake, who seemed to be in charge of the situation. This occurred at the same time an unrepentant psychic was being held in Highlake, which has led some to believe that the Hawkwoods are now working with this psychic to cement their control over the ‘new’ Court of Highcrest. Unfortunately, because of this slaughter, supply lines were disrupted and starvation was rampant, despite an emergency shipment of food by Bishop Heron of the Eskatonic.

Residents of Ridgecrest were horrified to find a number of children frozen to death on the morning of Mortis Diablo. This was after having heard an eery children’s melody carried on the wind. Their pleading to the Church fell on deaf ears, since it was apparent the church was busy elsewhere.

The Court at Stone River



The Stone River Garrison under the command of Baronet Raban Decados, entered Highlake on the orders of Count Vladimir Romanov to investigate the rumors of a Symbiot Hive. They attacked what, at the time, they believed were Symbiots. Much later they discovered that these were advance elements of the 5th Dark Legion, an army primarily composed of the alien Ur-Ukar. The 5th Dark legion is one of the four largest armies on the planet.

Under the orders of Father K’ithon of the Eskatonic and Brother Erasmus of Ordo Battle, the Stone River Garrison left to meet a larger force on the border of Ridgecrest. They were then supposed to aid in a search to find the lost unrepentant psychic, Cezar al-Malik. After marching out of Highlake into Ridgecrest, they were attacked by what they claim were psychically controlled peasants. Fearing the psychic’s power, they immediately retaliated with full force. The extent of the carnage was extensive and only stopped when Brother Erasmus recalled the troops after Cezar al-Malik was found – in the arms of the Inquisitors where he belonged.

The Lady Rhiannon, Court Keeper of Stone River, was hurt a in hunting accident mid-winter. It has been hinted at, quite strongly, that this was not in fact an accident and her Hawkwood ‘cousins’ know more than they are telling.

The work on the secret Imperial facility has come to a halt. It is believed this is so because vital supplies have been lost on the shores of Northwarden.

A strange box from Stone River was taken by a local Engineer and tested out in a local Hunting Lodge. It proved to be so effective against psychics that he is planning on making more.

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