From Alia, to the Church

Dear Father Gabriel

I have thought a great deal about the matter of which we spoke last week: of the possibility of a church-sanctioned duel against my brother for his perceived sins. I have spent much time in prayer to the Pancreator and I beg you to stay your hand. I was very distressed last week at the death of my sister, and the illness of my aunt and my mind was not clear. I do not believe that my brother is such a monster.

I cannot believe that the Pancreator would allow such horrors to happen to a pious family and believe that it was merely my fevered imagination running away with me. I certainly do not wish any stain upon my brother’s name as a result of my hysterics. For although he would surely be found innocent – and a good servant of the church perish as a result – his name and that of our family and the Hawkwoods would be permanently damaged.

I have asked Will to come here, to Stigmata, that we may speak. Seeing him, I am sure the Pancreator will allow me to recognise the truth: that the little boy I comforted upon our mother’s death, with whom I shared my secrets, who protected me more than I could ever have asked, that the man he has become is still the man I knew.

I thank you for your aid and support in this troubling time, but insist that both our efforts should be turned to the matters on hand in Eastmont County and especially, the A.I.s beneath Highlake. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by what is, after all, a family affair.

Your sister in faith


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