From Mya, a Letter Home

Father and Mother –

I am marooned on this hellhole when I only wish to come home. Still no instructions have come from Cadiz as to why I was placed in the court of Count Vladamir Tzepezh Romanov Decados and his brothers. Have you received any news on this matter? I am disgusted with these maggot_ridden backwater keeps that always seem to be filled with more Hawkwoods than Decados…. I ramble.

How are you and the rest of the family? You must be getting ready for the Midwinter festivals by now… I do miss Severus in the winter… slay rides, firing festivals, and all the little appetizers that chef makes up.

One last thing, I’ve run into a bit of a monetary snag and would like to borrow 5000 firebirds from the treasury, is that all right? I’ll pay you back when my situation is settled one way or another.

Your loving daughter, Mya

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