From Northern Lights, to the Hazat

Lady Izarbe,

Truly, I had thought we had negotiated in good faith and had left on agreeable terms. Yet here, I find the honor of the Hazat called into question. Your county has committed a crime of unpardonable magnitude!

On the fifth day of Six-month, early in the morning, partisans allied with Natas Romanov commandeered the Evertrans monorail and rammed it into the L.P. medical facilities in Lament City. This caused the destruction of the facility and its personnel, as well the destruction of several adjoining buildings and untold harm to Lament City itself.

Soon after, other forces allied with the Romanovs attacked other key civilian targets across the County, causing over a thousand casualties and hundreds of thousands of firebirds worth of damage.

I cannot believe that you would allow the Hazat name to be conjoined with such an action. The mere thought that my cousins would side with such a monstrous event sickens me. For my people, it is a day that will forever live in infamy.

As such, there can be only one response to such an unprovoked and uncivilized assault. There can be only one recourse for our rage. I am saddened by this turn of events but I have only to picture those who died and the flame of courage in my heart responds in kind.

There will come a reckoning. Believe in it. In the name of the Hazat, our House, and in the name of our forefathers, this I swear!

Baron Jared Cortiera Castenda Hazat

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