From the Regency Court, a Decision for the Hazat

From the Regency Court, Byzantium Secundus

Regarding the matter of Lady Angelina Navarro de Aragon del Hazat and the house of Baron Elias Tunis Hawkwood,

This court, upon due consideration of recently uncovered facts in this case, has reversed and reprimanded the actions of an earlier court regarding the charges of assault leveled by Lady Angelina Navarro de Aragon del Hazat against Baron Elias Tunis Hawkwood.

By force of law, this Court does declare guilty without doubt that Baron Elias Tunis Hawkwood did commit assault upon the body of Lady Angelina Navarro de Aragon del Hazat. It is hereby ordered that recompense of 50 firebirds plus interest are to be paid to Lady Angelina Navarro de Aragon del Hazat for the crime of assault and the sentence of death by beheading be inflicted on Baron Elias Tunis Hawkwood.

In addition, it is recognized by the court that the actions of Don Arias Navarro de Aragon del Hazat constituted a fair and legitimate action committed in the best interests of the public welfare and the Imperial Court. The previous charge of Murder is hereby rescinded and the brand that marks him as such shall be removed without charge. In addition, the Court orders a 50 firebird fine plus interest upon the House Hawkwood to be paid to Don Arias Navarro de Aragon del Hazat for the grievous harm that was inflicted upon him body and soul for these wrongful charges.

In conclusion, the Court hopes that all involved parties will seek the sanction and solemnity of the Holy Church in this matter, that their souls may be laid to rest upon this issue, save the deceased Baron, whose unshriven soul will surely condemn him to the dark between the stars.

In the name of the Empire and with the blessings of the Holy Mother Church

Lord Byron Excalcular Sinrenos Justinian

Chancellor, Regency Courts, Byzantium Secundus

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