Guild Memorandum


TO: Xavier Stone

Charioteer Guild, Member in Good Standing

FROM: Aiden Srepys

Guild Coordinator, Stigmata Space

What the devil is going on down there? We’ve got reports that your Node activated and that two more Nodes outside your County (tentatively identified as Terraforming Nodes 1 & 4) have been either disabled and/or destroyed. The Worldshaper’s Guild is in a panic – something about geosynchronous stability vectors. From what little we can understand, if any of the last three nodes go off-line, there will be dire consequences.

The bottom line is this – get that node protected now. Find details as to why it’s been targeted and who it’s been targeted by. This is rapidly becoming a priority among the Guilds – at least until the Worldshapers can get some hard data on what will happen if all of them go off-line.


Aiden Srepys

Engineer Aiden Srepys

Guild Coordinator,

Stigmata Space.

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