Guild, to Guildmaster

To Endomar Sordiek, Guildmaster Eastmont County

With regards to our Craft-Brother,

We have analyzed the data that has been provided to us regarding the installation under Highlake Court. It is the opinion of the senior engineers of this world that it may be in the best interests of the Guild that the installation remains in League hands.

We understand that you most likely already comprehend the magnitude of the situation and are taking appropriate steps. This letter has been composed because the League has grown aware of certain pressures building to transfer control over this installation into either Church or Noble hands. We are not poised, in our current position, to stop this.

Therefore, the dispensation of this installation and its potential lies in your hands. For that, we wish you the best of luck and the wisdom of those who have come before us.


The Office of Technology

Spacestation Ventris

Stigmata Sector

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