Incarnate (heretical) Flyer

Has the Pancreator Forsaken You?

The answer, my brothers and sisters, is no. The great flame of the Pancreator is still with us, only hidden by the corruption that is those who claim they are the Holy Flame’s chosen. Those that speak for your salvation in the arms of the Pancreator are the same ones that have warped the true words of Zebulon.

“And Zebulon said, ‘It is within you, above desire, the Incarnate, the light of thy soul lit by the Pancreator’”

-Horace 77:1-8, Omega Gospels

As it is spoken in the gospels, each one of us is a vessel of the holy flame, without need of an organization to free us of sin. Each of us is an Incarnate of the Pancreator, responsible for our own salvation. This fact today has become a heresy, prohibited by the Church because it removes our need for it. Our movement creates fear in the sects, for if we study and pray by Zebulons’ words ourselves, we would have no need to pay church tithes.

We are taught that the church is a strong oak, never breaking under the winds of adversity, but alas that tree is rotting. Rotting from the inside, corrupted by power and weakened by the lies and the misrepresented words of Zebulon handed down from generations past. The church is no longer a vehicle of salvation but a political machine that has used Zebulon’s teaching for it’s own purposes.

And as the great tree dies, fear not, for within each of us is the pure soil of faith and from that seed, the Pancreator’s Word can grow strong.

“(They are) spiritual souls ultimately derived from and responsible to the Pancreator”

-Archbishop Nestor, 3899, on the definition of “Incarnate”

It is our right to access the true words of our creator. We must strive to reclaim the tools of our salvation. The task has been placed in our hands to reclaim Zebulons words from the greed-infested hands of the old guard. We must seek to understand how the Pancreator can enhance our lives on a personal level. The church has made it a crime to seek the knowledge that has left behind for us, but the true crime is the hoarding of that knowledge.

Zarek Mezentius has set before us the four noble truths that must be followed to be one with the holy flame.

  • -Right Understanding (of the Omega Gospels)
  • -Right Action (charity and productivity, and a move from the lower drives)
  • -Right Faith (in the Pancreator’s faith in the individual’s soul
  • -Right Striving (efforts of the mind to avoid spiritually base paths that lead down the unreflected path)

Only In Self-awareness and honesty towards others can we be saved. Blessed by the words of the Pancreator and the wonders of the Flame Incarnate!

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