Letter from Central Command, re: Plague

From: Viceroy’s Office, Central Command, Starbase Phoenix

To: Charioteer’s Guild, Eastmont, Stigmata

Re: Resurgence of Biological Vectors

It is the concern of this military post that the current spread of disease vectors within the Eastmont Sector may lead to a debilitation of troops and non-combat personnel near the flashzones comprising the current warfront. With this in regard, we request a full report on what is occurring within the Eastmont sector so that we may weigh the following two options:

(1) Quarantine of infected areas until vector burns itself out.


(2) Cleansweep of infected areas using thermals / plasma discharges.


(3) Use of Nuclears (if vectors prove to be a Class 5 biohazard or above)

Post is expected within the month

Central Command.

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