Letter to Alia from her Aunts, a Death in the Family

Lady Alice Dujeir Hawkwood

Lady Maud Sinclair Hawkwood

49387/a Cinjerin Block, Old City, Byzantium Secundus

Lextiarch 5001

My dear poppet,

We are so sorry to be writing to you with such distressing news but your younger sister Isabella has passed. The details are few, but it is known that she was accosted by several thugs in the streets of Aragon. The foul sadness of it is that it was a case of mistaken identity. The culprits, when questioned by the constabulary, were trying to abduct someone with a similar description and last name and when the job was botched, violence – the last refuge of the incompetent – was the result.

When William learned of the incident he flew into a black rage and paid full price to have the men shipped back to Ravenna. There, it is said, they faced a long slow death and their bodies hung on gibbets for the next month. Barbaric, some may say, but we think it only just! That such low-born, common criminals as these take the life of one so precious and sweet as Isabella. We simply hope you take comfort in these facts – that those men were caught and punished for their deeds. We have paid for a small votive offering to be given up in her name on Holy Terra and a Ravenna marble plaque will be erected in her favorite garden back home.

With regard

Your beloved aunts

Maud and Alice

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