Mortos Diablos: Grendel

This one might have happened a month earlier, 9-5002, but it was the third and final in the Mortos Diablos series.


Foul Creation

In the year of 4986 Common Era, a vitiki runecaster with the power to shape reality using ancient Anunnaki technology committed the one unpardonable sin of his people – she attempted to create life from lifelessness. Her creation was the abomination known as Grendel, a human-shaped thing formed solely from metal and alien energies. For two years, the creature wandered with impunity, clothed in stolen flesh, torturing numerous citizens for their secrets – the secrets of what it meant to be truly human.

Then, the Law Thane, Cry of the Wolf, and a band of a dozen hand-picked heroes challenged the fiends in the kingdom of Dunzer’s Peak. The creature was defeated and fled back to its creator, who was then herself slain by the war-party in the swamp of Fell’s Retreat.


However, the Grendel survived the assault and death of its creator and fled from Vuldrok space into the lands of the Hawkwyrdda, the outsiders. There, it commissioned a ship and fled to the one planet where it knew it would not be persecuted – Stigmata.

On this foreboding world, under siege by the alien Symbiots, it masqueraded as a follower of the Hawkwyrdda Emperor, Alexius. Under the name Longlife, it made friends and allies and continued its quest to steal the secret of humanity – the secret to reproduction – so that it could create new progeny and supplant all life in the universe with its own.


Now, in the year 5003, it looks like it just might succeed. The heroes of Dunzer’s Peak have tracked it to this lonely world and have been hunting it for almost three years. Over half their number have died and they have been forced to bring in some new blood but they must not be swayed from their goal.

The Grendel has created 50 flawed copies of itself, copies that can, in and of themselves, copy the seeming of life. These creatures possess a power source to keep them functioning until they can crack the twin problems of renewable energy and inexhaustible creation.

The Grendel itself has been promised sanctuary on the Hawkwyrdda worlds bordering Vuldrok space. Sagas will be written of this day for today it must be – one way or another, the Grendel and its children must die!

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