Mortos Diablos: Lawgiver

The Lawgiver was a device created by the ancient alien Anunnaki to maintain order among the worlds. It uses a human host to maintain a touchstone in the physical world.

Its purpose is to judge others according to an esoteric code of ethics. Those that violate the code are subject to Soultap, a method by which they are bound in a feeding sac and an etheric parasite drains their soul to be used as a power source.

The Lawgiver may also create GENE-ATES, silicon-based clones of people contained within a feeding sac, which they may use as an army of zombie-like soldiers.

Around a decade ago, this Lawgiver was illegally removed as a youngling from a world in the Vau Hegemony. The ones who captured it did not know what they had and fell prey to a Judging. The Lawgiver remade the ship in their image, binding the criminals into feeding taps.

Then, for almost eight years, the ship drifted and, lacking purpose, the Lawgiver went into hibernation. Two years ago, the Lawgiver fell into the hands of Known Worlders who auctioned the ship off to a Duke. The ship was then dismantled by BISHOP HERON. Though most of it was destroyed (including the feeding sacs), some pieces were smuggled off by Bishop Heron to a place called Trey’s Keep.

At Trey’s Keep the Lawgiver spent the better part of a year in hibernation. Trey’s Keep then fell prey to an Antinomist and the Symbiots and was destroyed. Unfortunately, the unleashing of the chaotic energies severely damaged the Lawgiver mechanisms. Later, after its destruction, the Keep was visited by a Dark-tainted engineer who was looking to follow in the Antinomist’s footsteps. The Lawgiver ripped out his soul and replaced it with their own.

Since then the Lawgiver has been scouting out the County, placing spy-eyes ripped from the eyes of (what they deem to be) criminals to observe the County. Now they are making their move.

Tonight the Lawgiver seeks to repair their etheric machinery and insert themself into the heart of this County. To do this, they must accomplish the following:

  • Create GENE-ATES. Convert at least half of the assembly into Gene-ates to contain the rest (it will be assumed that the serving staff goes first). They do this by convincing / coercing / dragging victims back to their lair.
  • Have the Gene-ates open a doorway to the Lawgiver’s machinery in order to effect repairs. They will have to draw a circle, assemble ritual components, and then sacrifice a couple of people in order to open the door.
  • Repair the Lawgiver machinery. The Lawgiver will need at least three non-Gene-ate guilty individuals to repair their machinery. Five will give the Lawgiver the ability to link up to the core of the County. One will keep the Lawgiver going, but will not repair them.
  • Close the doorway. This will require a separate ritual and will protect the Lawgiver’s machinery from others interfering with them.

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