Quarantine of Stigmata


Quarantine of Stigmata

By Order of the Royal Imperial Fleet the planet Stigmata’s quarantine is to be extended due to the pending investigation into the spread of the Plague of Stigmata off world to the al-Malik world of Istakhr.

The following guidelines for ships, persons, & cargo entering and leaving Stigmata will be strictly enforced:

  • Charioteers & Engineers will inspect all cargo on supply ships leaving Stigmata.
  • All passenger’s leaving Stigmata will be inspected for the Plague.
  • All mail will be inspected for the plague prior to going off world.
  • Mail shipments will be limited to once a month at the beginning of each month.
  • No personal & royal ships will be allowed to enter Stigmata atmosphere.
  • All personal and royal ships will dock at the space station Valiant and passengers will then be allowed to take a quarantine ship to Stigmata.
  • All passengers leaving Stigmata will be shuttled to the space station prior to departing for other outside planets. Passengers will then be screened again for the plague.
  • Quarantine passenger ships leaving Stigmata will leave every Wednesday and Sunday Morning of the week. Passenger ships bringing passengers into Stigmata will arrive every Tuesday and Friday Morning.

A new Star Port is currently under construction in a designated non-plague area in the Court of Stoneriver of the County of Eastmont. Once the Star Port is ready to receive ships. The starport at Darmok station will cease operation until plague protocols and Kailinthi inspection for supernatural taint can be implemented.

All ships & passengers entering or leaving Stigmata will be tested & logged.

No Unauthorized person or ship will be allowed to enter or leave Stigmata.

Failure to follow this order will be cause for the ship & all cargo to be seized & Quarantined!

This order will be met to insure the Stigmata Plague no longer spreads to other planets.

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