Royal Proclamation: A Decados Rising

A Royal Proclamation

From Her Glory, the Duchess

Lilleth Abbadon Decados

Mistress of Vengeanc e, Ruler of Cadiz.

Let it be said upon this day, that the forces of the Dark Lord of Cadiz, Duke Lucifer Abbadon Decados, shall be placed in the hands of his beloved wife and sister, Countessa Lilleth Abbadon Decados, along with all titles, lands, and properties owned herein, in perpetuity, for as long as the House Decados shall endure.

In return, the newly appointed ruler of these lands, Duchess Lilleth Abbadon Decados, shall endeavor to uphold the statutes, standards, and responsibilities of her House, and their everlasting commitment to remove the dark Symbiot Taint from the Known Worlds . Said actions will be deemed by a council of her noble peers on Cadiz as worthy of this deed or not, and should such actions be found wanting, this deed shall be null and void, and all titles, lands, and properties owned herein on the planet Invective shall be returned to the heads of the House.

So decreed with the permission of Prince Hyram Decados, Master of House Decados, his sovereign Emperor, Alexius of House Hawkwood and the Holy Patriarch, blessed be their endeavors by the Pancreator.

Hyram Decados

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