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These are a few pertinent details about Stigmata that affect the health and welfare of Eastmont County. For more information about Stigmata, you can find details in Legions of the Empire and more on Darmak Station in War in the Heavens I: Lifeweb.



Imperial Shipyard. Controls Jumpgate, Lunar, and Orbital Defense Fleets.

Ruler: Imperial Viceroy Ludwig von Hohenstaufen Hawkwood

Player & Bio Writer: Matt Keuneke

Ludwig Hohenstaufen is a Count from Ravenna who trained Alexius when he was a young officer. Ludwig also served in the Barbarian Wars where he earned two Wounded Lions and a Bronze Hawk. When Alexius made his bid in the Emperor Wars, Ludwig served as one of Alexius’s most trusted generals and earned the Silver Phoenix for Valor. Most recently he was the commanding officer of the Ravenna Dragoons (a House Hawkwood force). When Alexius called him back to Imperial duty, he followed the call of duty out of loyalty and devotion to Alexius, though he hated the thought of leaving his beloved Ravenna behind and delaying his military retirement. At Byzantium Secundus, Alexius appointed him Viceroy of the Stigmata Quadrant, responsible for coordinating system-wide defenses both on the ground and in space. Ludwig has sworn that he will get the job done and drive the Symbiots from Stigmata space.


Imperial ‘Free Zone’, Coordinates communication between Spacestation Ventris & Darmak Station

Ruler: Boss Sten Orgreve, Scraver

This decaying spacestation, which is in low geosynchronous orbit around Stigmata is a designated ‘free zone’. Any criminal who makes it to the station cannot be legally pursued by any law enforcement agency. In return, the station offers itself as a sanctuary for refugees from Symbiot attacks and also coordinates communication throughout the system using a series of high-orbit satellites.


Planetary Ruler: Imperial

Chain of command: Imperial Viceroy<-Archbishop of Stigmata<-Stigmata Garrison Command<-Star Court (consisting of County leaders)

Cathedral: Orthodox / Eskatonic Order

Agora: Muster

Garrison: 9

Capital: Darmak Station

Tech: 6

Human population: 350,000 (estimated)

Resources: Minerals, deuterium.

Stigmata is an Urthlike world with one large continental landmass (Durem), a smaller, southern continent (Iden), a large northern island (Thrace) and vast seas. Once an arboreal world, whole areas have been desertified due to human aerial and orbital bombing. Humans control the solar system although its immensity prevents complete pacification. The seas belong largely to the Symbiots. Though the Symbiots pushed as far as the County of Northern Lights in the Millennial war of 5000, as of 5002, Southeast Durem is the only place that is highly contested by humans and Symbiots.

Human-controlled territory has been broken up into eight separate Counties. Though ruled by Counts, they are all subject to the commands of the Stigmata Garrison which, if it must, will back up its orders through the Archbishop and the Viceroy. The eight Counties are: Darmak County, Eastmont County, the Barony of Istal, the County of Northern Durem, the County of Northern Lights, Sylan County, the Vrool Protectorate, Zuped County.


Bordered by the Istal Mts. to the West and South, by the farmlands of Eastmont County to the North, and by the Zos Sea to the East.

Ruler: Baroness Lucinda Dulcinea Hazat (Stigmata Garrison Commander)

Cathedral: Archbishop Jeremiah Michael Cornelius Hawkwood III (Orthodox, set by Imperial decree to be the most powerful rank on the planet)

Agora: Major Ansel Masterath, Muster Garrison Commander

Garrison: 9

Capital: Darmak Station

Tech: 6

Human population: 50,000 (estimated)

Archbishop Jeremiah Michael Cornelius III is a noble from the highly civilized worlds of Delphi who gave up the court life for a life in the priesthood. Politically savvy and fiercely passionate in his beliefs, he quickly became a Bishop on the war-torn world of Stigmata, using his pulpit in the prosperous County of Northern Lights to preach against the alien menace that threatened the land and the lack of faith that made the stars themselves fade. He is best known for his destruction of the atheist Aramus, which returned the faith to Eastmont County.

Baroness Lucinda Dulcinea Hazat is the Stigmata Garrison Commander and commands the 3rd, 7th, and 11th Legions as well as the Scions of Zhal. Darmak County also currently possesses the only working starport on the planet


Bordered by the Istal Mts. to the West and the Zupal Mts. to the East. To the South it is bordered by the end of the farmlands above Darmak County and to the North it is bordered by the Tibed Sea.

Ruler: Count Vladimir Tzepesh Romanov Decados

Cathedral: Bishop Gabriel Francis Michael Hawkwood,

Guild: Fellow Endomar Sordiek, Engineers

Garrison: 8

Capital: Eastmountain

Tech: 4

Human population: 15,000

Count Vladimir Tzepesh Romanov Decados comes from a family of nobles that trace their descendants back to the Czars of Russia, a contention disputed by House Decados (who make the same grandiose claim). Through time, warfare, and political alliances, the Romanov family has been gradually subsumed into the greater House and all but disappeared. Those who still bear the Romanov name are given lands far from the heart of the Empire, on dangerous worlds where their lineage will assumably dwindle to nothing. After a strange bout of madness befell his older brother, Marquis Alexi, Count Vladimir took his place as ruler of Eastmont Count. Often a bit reserved, Count Vladimir concerns himself with interstellar politics and is often abroad, especially with the war efforts currently underway. All he is concerned about with Eastmont County is that it remains stable (not necessarily peaceful) and that the taxes continue to be collected each year.


Nestled within the southwestern portion of the Istal Mts, the Barony of Istal is bound to the west and south by the Sardil Sea and to the north and east by Darmak County.

Ruler: Baron Enidre Truniskron

Cathedral: Bishop Gandall of the Eskatonic Order.

Agora: Captain Shera Orniek, Charioteers

Garrison: 7

Capital: Highcourt

Tech: 5

Human population: 3,000 (estimated)


Bordered to the West by the Zuped Mountains, to the North by the Tibed Sea and to the east by the Geber Sea. It covers about half of the upper part of Durem (the lower half is claimed by Sylan County).

Ruler: Lord Mandright Decados, shared with General Moloch of the 5th Dark Legion

Cathedral: Bishop Modri Glass of the Eskatonic Order

Agora: Captain Ellis Transik, Muster

Garrison: 9

Capital: Gorig Station

Tech: 6

Human population: 40,000 (estimated)

This is the current staging ground for General Moloch and his Ukari based 5th Dark Legion.


Bordered to the North and West by the Tibed Sea, it is bound to the East by the Istal Mts., To the South, it stretches a little under halfway into the Vrool forest, the rest of which is claimed by the Vrool Protectorate.

Ruler: Contessa Vasina Syvanna Decados, Lady of Eversmere, Ruler of Lament City.

Cathedral: Bishop Anthony D’Emauro of the Orthodoxy

Agora: Major Boris Andrestall, Muster

Garrison: 9

Capital: Lament City

Tech: 6

Human population: 125,000 (estimated)

By far, once the largest and most populous settlement on the planet, the County of Northern Lights once required two Counts and a Baron to run it. Now, the Lady Vasini holds sway over the three Metropoli – Silver Phoenix, Eversmere, and the Barony of Santa Cruz – that make up the entirety of the County.

The now aged Lady Vasina Decados is the widow of Lord Albert Decados, who made too plain his personal honor and disdain for the “ignoble” ways of his family over seventy-five years ago. He and his fifteen year-old bride (and first cousin) were sent to Stigmata to uphold what he believed in and to get him well away from the rest of the family. After five years of commendable service against the Symbiots, Albert was slain in his own bed by one of his knights. Vasina took to ruling the lands in a much more traditional Decados fashion and garnered allies within the Castenda family of the Hazat. Recently, she has remarried Baron Jared Cortiera Hazat to cement her hold on the entire County.

The County of Northern Lights hosts the remains of the two Muster Forces Stigmata Auxiliary (MFSA) legions.


Sylan is bordered to the East by the Geber Sea and the Symbiot front. To the south, it is bound by the Zos Sea and the Mountains that border it. To the North, it splits half of the territory with the County of Northern Durem

Ruler: Marquis Tanis Syrian Hawkwood

Cathedral: Bishop Theodecius Constantine, Brother Battle

Agora: Captain Marcus Olivett, Charioteers

Garrison: 9

Capital: Sylan

Tech: 6

Human population: 100,000

Sylan once hosted a thriving human population but now serves as the headquarters for the armies at the front. Foremost among these armies is currently Bishop Theodecius Constantine, war leader of 3rd SOG legions. In addition to his forces, elements of the 5th, 9th, and Manifest Light legions are here. The majority of the Scions of Zhal are also present.

Sylan County once hosted a spaceport but this was deliberately destroyed by human forces during the Millennial war when the Symbiots temporarily took the city.


Vrool is bound by the Sardil and Tibed Seas to the South and West. To the east lie the Istal Mts. To the North, the boundaries are contested with the County of Northern Lights. Vrool claims lands into the Metropolis of Eversmere but this is contested by the Metropolis’ leading lady, Contessa Syvanna.

Ruler: Marquis Aaron Consyllus Hawkwood

Cathedral: None

Agora: Lieutenant Morris Abraham, Muster.

Garrison: 7

Capital: Vrool Station 5

Tech: 3

Human population: 5,000

The Vrool protectorate is an immense forest west of the Istal Mountains. After a Symbiot attack in the northern part of the forest resulted in intense human bombing (which formed the Red Sand Sea of Jhad in the County of Northern Lights), a series of patrols were set up to guard the forest from further incursions. These patrols now serve as a kind of quasi-retirement from the front. Though few humans actually live in the forest itself, the half-legion set to guard it keeps it Symbiot-free.


Zuped claims an L-shaped strip of land from the top of the Durem continent to the mountains that border Sylan to the south. To the North and West, it is bound by the Tibed Sea. To the south it is (theoretically) bound by Zos Sea and includes the Stigmata of J’waltan. To the east, there are contested borders with both Sylan and Northern Durem.

Ruler: Marquis Boramir Quillson Hawkwood

Church: Bishop Guar Locos, Eskatonic

Agora: None.

Garrison: 7

Capital: Zukav Command.

Tech: 4

Human population: 10,000 (estimated)

Best known as the home of Saint Berthold of the Eskatonic (who was the first theurgist to drive off the Symbiots), this small county now serves as a fortified fall-back for retreating armies.

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