Symbiots talk to the Guildmaster?!

A servant of Xokor Tlan traveled to Northern Lights to convert a mundane Galzai progeny. Then, the servant of Xokor Tlan ordered the new Galzai convert to go war at the humans.

Xildurkin mok Xokor Tlan zothxil tu knoorthurne tlaxozulzi tu kai Galzai zigti. Razarn, Xildurkin mok Xokor Tlan glagal rakai Galzai tu setzarnat aht jordortizi.

True Symbiot-servant of Elder Holy Ruler place-change to northern holy-elder-weaver-of-the-lifeweb tu convert mighty-horde progeny-mundane. In-the-future-event, True Symbiot-servant of Elder Holy Ruler word-strong young-convert mighty-horde tu slay-epic-event-now at one-shape-mundanes.

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