Security Update on Break In



TO: Endomar Sordiek

Guildmaster, Eastmont County

FROM: Mawrick Genkynn

Guild Security, Gideon’s Gate


I regret to inform you of the death of your associate, sent to investigate the break-in to your facilities on the night-cycle of 02.15.02. One week ago, a couple engaged in illicit sexual activity in the C-deck biodomes spotted a body being dumped into the protein rendering vats. Though they could not recover the body in time, they did get a good look at the face and matched it through the station logs.

Upon further investigation, we also discovered a cache of material hidden by your associate regarding the theft, including a video log of the event. We have forwarded all appropriate material to you.

We are deeply concerned that this case has resulted in a murder. Should there be any breakthroughs in this case or should you come up with any possibilities as to who may be responsible.

Thank you.

Mawrick Genkynn

Muster Mawrick Genkynn

Guild Security

Gideon’s Gate.

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