God in the Machine

As mankind began to fall, remnants of the giant Second Republic corporations merged into the Merchant League, dedicating their lives to reclaiming the remnants of Republican technology.

While nobles may snub them and priests may call them sinners, the merchants know they provide a necessary service, for without them, the Noble Houses would be denied the glories of the stars.


Most of the Known Worlds know Scravers as scavengers who collect salvage. Scravers are also known for entertainment, running the largest network of casinos, resorts, and luxury spots in the Known Worlds. What most people don’t know about is the Scraver’s darker side – they are descendants of the Cosa Nostra and Yakuza, the organized crime bosses of Holy Terra.

Known Allies: Decados, Eskatonic Order.

  • Keep technology safe and uncover its uses.
  • Protect new technology from the Church.
  • Find blackmail or other interesting information on Non-Scravers.


The Muster control skilled personnel. If you need any kind of skilled labor, from shock troops to computer programmers to hordes of slaves, you get it from the Muster. The Muster also control the slave trade, which leads to their rather unsavory reputation among the population of the Known Worlds.

Known Allies: Hazat, Decados, Brother Battle.

  • Protect the Guilds and support the Muster Order.
  • Keep Avesti and Brother Battle from interfering with the Guilds.
  • Gain new contracts and evaluate others skills.


The creators, inventors, and mad scientists of the Known Worlds, the Engineers repair, re-invent and rebuild old tech in an attempt to decipher the mysteries of the universe.

Now, they have become more religion than science, worshiping technology as a way to enlightenment. Too often, they fall under the scrutiny of the Inquisition, who work to prevent the Engineers’ heresies from infecting the common folk.

Known Allies: Al Malik, Reeves, Charioteers

  • Recover old technology and discover its uses.
  • Protect new technology from the Church.
  • Support new ideas & the idea that technology leads to salvation.


Bankers, lawyers, and media moguls, the Reeves control the financial currents of the Known Worlds. They also barter in information, making them deadly adversaries. It is often said (though in hushed tones) that they are the true rulers of the Known Worlds, since it was their lavish financing that brought Emperor Alexius Hawkwood to power, and it is their continuing financing that keeps many of the Noble Houses solvent.

Known Allies: Hawkwood, Engineers, Urth Orthodox

  • Support the Nobility.
  • Keep the Church weak.
  • Gain new contracts and new information for the Guilds.


The Charioteers hold the most prominent position among the guilds because they control the roads to the stars. Any citizen who wants passage on a ship must go through them.

They are the finest pilots money can buy, but they are also more than that. Whether it can fly, run, crawl, swim, or float, there are Charioteers who can drive any mode of transportation in the Known Worlds.

Known Allies: Li Halan, Engineers, Sanctuary Aeon

  • Ensure the safety of the Ship.
  • Gain more knowledge about the universe and how it works.
  • Make contacts that will aid you in your travels.