Pillar of Faith

Zebulon, hailed as a prophet, wrote a series of missives called the Omega Gospels, promising to unify all religions under one banner. Under these ideals, the CHURCH OF THE PANCREATOR arose, spreading its influence out through the stars.

The Gospels stated that God is a holy Flame, shining its way through the base aspects of matter, until It appears in our universe as stars. Our destiny is to reflect the Flameā€™s light in our soul so that the Pancreator may lift us up to salvation.

In the time of the Second Republic, the light of this doctrine threatened to go out amidst the amorality of a technologically based society. Then the suns began to fade. The Church is now our final hope.


The largest of the Sects, Orthodox priests represent the old authoritarian guard of the Church, maintaining stability while fighting off heresies. They aim to give succor and comfort to all who need it, including serfs. Traditionally, the patriarchs of the Church of the Pancreator have all been Orthodox.

Known Allies: Li Halan, Temple Avesti, Reeves.

  • Maintain & Support the Faith at all times.
  • Increase the power of the Church in the Known Worlds.
  • Maintain order. Serve those above you and respect those beneath you.


This much is a certainty – in the Known Worlds, demons DO exist, and unholy things do hunt mankind in the Dark between the stars. With this in mind, the faithful need protection; they need someone to root out the evil and expose it to the purging power of the Holy Flame. They need the Temple Avesti. They need the Inquisition.

Known Allies: Li Halan, Urth Orthodox, Brother Battle.

  • Destroy the enemies of the Faith.
  • Expose threats to Faith (heresies, demonic possessions, forbidden tech, etc.)
  • Serve those above you.


Originally considered to be occultists and heretics, the Eskatonics are tolerated because their practice of Theurgy (a form of divine magick) was of great help in the ongoing war against the alien Symbiots. Now, the Eskatonics are considered to be the keepers of esoteric knowledge; sometimes they are even the occult detectives that unearth new knowledge among the ruins of dying stars. Unlike the conservatives of the Urth Orthodox, many Eskatonics believe that we have a spark of the Holy Flame within us and our purpose is to ignite this spark into a blaze so that we may rise up to join the Pancreator and re-ignite the Fading Suns.

Known Allies: Al-Malik, Almathean, Scravers.

  • Expand our knowledge of the Universe.
  • Investigate any occult or alien phenomena.
  • Protect and support the Eskatonic Order.


Also known as the Amaltheans, these healers are respected across the Known Worlds. They spread the twin doctrines of peace and salvation. Once, they were in control of the Church of the Pancreator before a war against the alien Ur-Ukar swayed the masses to the more belligerent doctrines of St. Paulus of the Urth Orthodox. Now they seek to heal the grievous spiritual wounds caused by the numerous wars that have ravaged humanity.

Known Allies: Hawkwood, Eskatonic Order, Charioteers.

  • Protect people.
  • Always be a healer (both physical ailments and psychological).
  • Temper the harshness of other sects (like the Avesti).


The Strong Arm of the Church, these battle-ready priests fight large-scale threats to the worshipers of the Church of the Pancreator. Their strict discipline and martial training make them incredibly efficient soldiers, although they rarely heed secular military commands.

Known Allies: Hazat, Temple Avesti, Muster.

  • Protect those around you.
  • Defend the Faith.
  • Maintain order.