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From Alia, to Will

Baronet Eleanor Katharine Hawkwood c/o Ladies Maud and Alice Hawkwood May 5001 Count William Hawkwood, Bieren Estate, Colmont County, Ravenna My dearest Will I know I should have written before, but wanted time to think and to consider my situation. I have thought of you a great deal and miss you more than I could…
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Town Criers 05-5001

From Interstellar Dispatches, May 11, 5001 (Holy Terra Calendar) NEWS Unknown Plague Threatens Istakhr ISTAKHR – Najran — Lady Shiao Li Halan, companion to Amir al-Malik, ruler of Najran, recently issued an urgent call for interstellar medical aid. Amir himself was unavailable for comment, stirring concern that he has been stricken with the plague that…
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