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From Northern Lights, to the Hazat

Lady Izarbe, Truly, I had thought we had negotiated in good faith and had left on agreeable terms. Yet here, I find the honor of the Hazat called into question. Your county has committed a crime of unpardonable magnitude! On the fifth day of Six-month, early in the morning, partisans allied with Natas Romanov commandeered…
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Letter to Alia from her Aunts, a Death in the Family

Lady Alice Dujeir Hawkwood Lady Maud Sinclair Hawkwood 49387/a Cinjerin Block, Old City, Byzantium Secundus Lextiarch 5001 My dear poppet, We are so sorry to be writing to you with such distressing news but your younger sister Isabella has passed. The details are few, but it is known that she was accosted by several thugs…
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