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From Alia, to Will, “I Cannot Leave”

Baronet Eleanor Katharine Hawkwood c/o The Crier’s Guild Alexandria, Eastmont County, Stigmata Count William Hawkwood Bieren Estate, Colmont County, Ravenna September 5001 My darling Will I have tried to write a letter to you but cannot find the words. You know exactly how I feel about Aunt Alice and know I wish to see you…
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To Alia, from her Aunts, A Cursed Line?

Lady Alice Dujeir Hawkwood Lady Maud Sinclair Hawkwood 49387/a Cinjerin Block, Old City, Byzantium Secundus September 5001 Gracious poppet, Do not worry overmuch on our behalf. And it seems odd to us that you would consider such an auspicious family as ours is cursed. Instead, perhaps it is simply a weeding out of the weaker…
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Town Criers 07-5000

From Interstellar Dispatches, September 7, 5000 (Holy Terra Calendar) NEWS Amalthean Arsonist Claims to Cleanse Sin BYZANTIUM SECUNDUS — Veridian Spaceport — Brother Kashir, Amalthean priest and ex-Muster mercenary, admitted helping raze the Square Street Infirmary and Shrine to Saint Amalthea earlier this week. His explanation was couched in dire warnings and shouted prayers. Investigators…
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