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Town Criers 09-5000

From Interstellar Dispatches, November 15, 5000 (Holy Terra Calendar) NEWS Santa Flamma Holiday Calendar BYZANTIUM SECUNDUS — Holy City — Archbishop Palamon has announced a schedule of Santa Flamma celebrations throughout the Known Worlds to commemorate the day the Prophet saw the Holy Flame. Church officials on all these planets have coordinated for months with…
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Mortos Diablos: Grendel

This one might have happened a month earlier, 9-5002, but it was the third and final in the Mortos Diablos series. WHAT HAS COME BEFORE Foul Creation In the year of 4986 Common Era, a vitiki runecaster with the power to shape reality using ancient Anunnaki technology committed the one unpardonable sin of his people…
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To the Aunts, re: Distressing News

Lady Eleanor Katharine Hawkwood c/o Crier’s Pride Alexandria, Eastmont County Stigmata Lady Alice Dujeir Hawkwood & Lady Maud Sinclair Hawkwood 49387/a Cinjerin Block, Old City Byzantium Secundus September 5001 My dear aunts, Thank you for your last letter. Although the news therein was most distressing, I am glad at least that I heard it from…
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