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Letter from a Hazat to her Liege

The following is a wax-sealed letter. Its contents are encrypted for the Barón’s eyes only. **** Florin Ramiro Anton Dulcinea Hazat, Barón de Flores Fief of Flores, Sutek **** 12-7-5001 My Lord: It is my hope that this letter finds you and the Baronesa in excellent health. I myself have been well, and have seen…
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Town Criers 12-5000

From Interstellar Dispatches, Hombory 8, 5000 (Holy Terra Calendar) SPECIAL HOLIDAY ADDRESS “With Light Shall You Be Free” A Lux Splendor Address from Emperor Alexius, Lord of the Phoenix Throne, Heir and Sword of Vladimir, Vassal of Zebulon, Seer of the Realm, Light Against the Dark, Steward of Human Destiny and Mentor to All Sentients…
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