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Letter from Angelina to Arias Hazat, in Gratitude

Arias, I could scarcely believe it to be true. Whatever you have done from your estate on that hated world, may the Empyrean bless you over and over. This much I know – that my name has been cleansed, that the honor of my attacker has forever been compromised, that recompense has been made to…
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From the Regency Court, a Decision for the Hazat

From the Regency Court, Byzantium Secundus Regarding the matter of Lady Angelina Navarro de Aragon del Hazat and the house of Baron Elias Tunis Hawkwood, This court, upon due consideration of recently uncovered facts in this case, has reversed and reprimanded the actions of an earlier court regarding the charges of assault leveled by Lady…
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