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Mortos Diablos: Grendel

This one might have happened a month earlier, 9-5002, but it was the third and final in the Mortos Diablos series. WHAT HAS COME BEFORE Foul Creation In the year of 4986 Common Era, a vitiki runecaster with the power to shape reality using ancient Anunnaki technology committed the one unpardonable sin of his people…
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Symbiots talk to the Guildmaster?!

A servant of Xokor Tlan traveled to Northern Lights to convert a mundane Galzai progeny. Then, the servant of Xokor Tlan ordered the new Galzai convert to go war at the humans. Xildurkin mok Xokor Tlan zothxil tu knoorthurne tlaxozulzi tu kai Galzai zigti. Razarn, Xildurkin mok Xokor Tlan glagal rakai Galzai tu setzarnat aht…
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County of Northern Lights

The County of Northern Lights is one of the largest remaining counties on the planet Stigmata. Built in the pre-Symbiot past, it has fallen on hard times since the alien invasion. Cut off from most support and lacking a usable starport, it still boasts the strongest industrial infrastructure on Stigmata, but its economy is a…
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