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Mortos Diablos: Grendel

This one might have happened a month earlier, 9-5002, but it was the third and final in the Mortos Diablos series. WHAT HAS COME BEFORE Foul Creation In the year of 4986 Common Era, a vitiki runecaster with the power to shape reality using ancient Anunnaki technology committed the one unpardonable sin of his people…
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Royal Proclamation: A Decados Rising

A Royal Proclamation From Her Glory, the Duchess Lilleth Abbadon Decados Mistress of Vengeanc e, Ruler of Cadiz. Let it be said upon this day, that the forces of the Dark Lord of Cadiz, Duke Lucifer Abbadon Decados, shall be placed in the hands of his beloved wife and sister, Countessa Lilleth Abbadon Decados, along…
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Letter from Central Command, re: Plague

From: Viceroy’s Office, Central Command, Starbase Phoenix To: Charioteer’s Guild, Eastmont, Stigmata Re: Resurgence of Biological Vectors It is the concern of this military post that the current spread of disease vectors within the Eastmont Sector may lead to a debilitation of troops and non-combat personnel near the flashzones comprising the current warfront. With this…
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