The Ties That Bind

Struggling through the collapse of the technologically superior Second Republic, the nobles now firmly control the Known Worlds, and seek to shape the destiny of mankind towards a new future.


Best typified as “Knights & Ladies,” the Hawkwood are noble and dignified, like the legends of King Arthur and his round table. The current emperor of the Known Worlds is a Hawkwood (though Alexius has distanced himself from the house for political reasons).

Known Allies: Al-Malik, Reeves, Almathean.

  • Support the Emperor and expose his enemies.
  • Guard & assist all those who need your aid.
  • Follow the Code of Chivalry at all times.


Closely allied with the Guilds, the Al-Malik are civilized sultanates with leanings toward creating a Third Republic. They are seen as aloof and reserved, with a tendency towards elitism. However, this is balanced by their fascination with technology, a tendency which has gotten them in trouble more than once.

Known Allies: Hawkwood, Engineers, Eskatonic.

  • Support the Guilds, though not at the expense of your House.
  • Assist any effort to bring new technologies to your worlds.
  • Experience as much as you can to become the perfect rulers.


Once renowned as a decadent, demon worshiping house, House Li-Halan has undergone a complete conversion and is now the most tied to the Church.

Li-Halan elders give readily to Church charities and younger members of the house are the first to join crusades. They are best typified by being “Eastern” in attitude, with strong familial obligations and respect for an orderly existence.

Known Allies: Avesti, Charioteers, Urth Orthodox.

  • Support the Church of the Pancreator at all times, even at expense to yourself.
  • Promote order at all times. Serve those above you and respect those below you.
  • Support your house.


Descended from the “conquistadores” of Terra’s past, the Hazat have always relied on force of arms to get their ways. They are proud warriors and a passionate people, who go to great extremes to prove their courage and ability. Thankfully, much of that energy is dedicated to protecting the stars from the various threats that assault humanity.

Known Allies: Decados, Muster, Brother Battle.

  • Show your bravery at all times.
  • Protect humanity, even, if need be, against itself.
  • You do not support the Emperor strongly, and may do things to frustrate his plans, as long as it does not endanger the Hazat House.


Ruthless and decadent, the Decados almost became the supreme power in the Known Worlds. Only a stunning series of advances by the Hawkwood prevented them from taking the throne.

Decados revel in the pleasures of the flesh, intrigue, assassination, and backstabbing.

Known Allies: Hazat, Scravers, Muster.

  • Protect House Decados. Work towards strengthening the House.
  • Always take an opportunity that will gain you more power.
  • Work to destroy your opponents or (especially) their plans.