How Time is Calculated

Fading Suns “Time” is oriented about Holy Terra, which is considered to have 1 solar year, defined by an approximately 365 journey around the sun. This does not apply well to all, or frankly most planets.

In order to try and compensate, the Empire embraces a twelve month calendar, oriented around the saints (mostly), with the first month being an irregularly sized month, so that any days that don’t “fit” in a 365-day calendar can be placed there.

The months to make up one Standard Terran Annum are:

  1. Intercalaris
  2. Horach
  3. Mantiarch
  4. Amril
  5. May
  6. Lextiarch
  7. September
  8. October
  9. November
  10. December
  11. Paularch
  12. Hombory