Passion Play: Darkside


Tri-World Reports: Bannockburn, Istakhr, Stigmata

In the Month of Intercalaris, the Year of Our Lord 4988

Early in the year, the Symbiots send a small expeditionary force to Stigmata. Heartened by their gains, they attack, only to be stopped by the Stigmata Garrison, run by Contessa Carmetha Decados, and contained in western Zuped (Sector 3). In response to this threat, the Regency uses Reeve supported loans to entice new settlers to several key defensive planets near the Symbiot border that have been ravaged by the Emperor Wars: Istakhr, Stigmata, Bannockburn, and the mobile space station, Barter. Using this enticement, the self-proclaimed dark lord of Cadiz, Lucifer Abbadon Decados, uses half-forgotten feudal ties to relocate his place of power to Istakhr despite the current hostilities between the al-Malik and House Decados. Marquis Amil al-Malik takes up residence on Bannockburn. Two guild groups, one headed by a Charioteer, the second by a Scraver, take their position among the stars in the three systems. A Brother Battle group, S.O.G.-III (Special Operations Group 3), make the quest of the Symbiot’s destruction as their own. And, finally, the Torenson Chancellor to the Regency and his retinue sets up residence on the space station, Barter.

In the Month of Mantiarch, the Year of Our Lord 4988

Stigmata’s economy stagnates as the civilian population mobilizes to deal with the Symbiot threat. In the first three months, the only active area of war is in Zuped. There, 3rd SOG fights a Symbiot breeder and her forces and destroys her utterly. In addition to the Symbiot threat, pirate raids are on the increase as supplies (and tempers) ran short.

In the Month of Lextiarch, the Year of Our Lord 4988

The influx of settlers, expected to bring prosperity, has instead brought a whole host of problems. On Istakhr, a rebellion in the now Decados-held province spreads to the Marketplace and starts a Guild War. In addition, Istakhr suffers from both famine and rampant inflation, in part, to difficulties with the Charioteers Guild. Food riots break out in several cities, and are only expected to get worse in 4989. The new Decados from Cadiz, Lord Lucifer, proves to be a surprise, cooperating with the local authorities and the Inquisition to raze several heretical factories and feed the local population. He also weathers through a political crisis with the al-Malik, when the al-Malik fleet blockades the Jumpgate preventing Lord Lucifer’s personal guard from arriving.

In the Month of November, the Year of Our Lord 4988

Bannockburn has been the center of a political firestorm since an al-Malik suggests that a Regency Garrison (similar to the one on Stigmata) be placed on Bannockburn as a base to be used against the Vuldrok. The local conclave of the Muster try to stop this action, but begin losing popular support.

November, 4988 (cont’d) Not helping matters is a Symbiot infestation and the activities of the “Butcher of Bannockburn,” Marquis Amil Al-Malik. In the short time the Marquis has been on planet, one of his vassals, K’ithon of the Eskatonic, is declared an Antinomist. The Marquis also attacks a group of Engineers, a Hawkwood Baroness’ estate, and a rest home for war veterans. The Butcher’s incarceration of the Torenson Chancellor in a fight over a Vau ship appears to be a political move to keep the Avesti from closing in on him. The Chancellor commits ‘suicide’ under the Marquis’ tender care.

In the Month of Hombory, the Year of Our Lord 4988

The Noble presence on Barter has been slowly tapering off since the Chancellor’s death. On the other side of the matter, the Merchant League plans to hold a conference on Barter looking for consuls who may make the transition to Dean of a Guild. They are also gearing up for the Season of Festivals, which occurs in the early half of 4989. Little do they know that 4989 would bring an invasion of the famed station and a political firestorm that would nearly engulf the three worlds.


Tri-World Reports: Bannockburn, Istakhr, Stigmata

In the Month of Intercalaris, the Year of Our Lord 4989

The great Hazat war hero, Alejandro Hazat, is killed early in the year in a duel with Lucifer Abbadon. In response, the Houses Sera, Murdok, Ingrach, and Toldek launch a retributive strike against the Decados. This leads to the utter destruction of the four minor houses and their assets. In turn, this causes Alejandro’s family to default on several massive Reeve loans. In response, the Reeves call in markers on multiple ship loans throughout the Known Worlds, creating a surge of inflation and shortages as Charioteers are forced to up their prices to save their ships. It has been seen that prices have jumped at least 200% with 2nd Republic Tech being the most affected. Also in the news is the uproar in the Church over a recent Regency-led auction. As rumor would have it, there were at least five heretical items sold, one to an Antinomist, and another to several highly placed nobles, including the Regent himself! The church electors threaten to pull their support from the Regency and any bid for Emperor.

In the Month of Mantiarch, the Year of Our Lord 4989

As if in response to these reports, a whole host of “dark miracles” are seen across the Known Worlds; gargoyles weeping blood, Jumpgate sigils “sealing” themselves. In one cathedral, the Holy Flame goes out for a full five minutes. There are reports of more Vau activity and hints that the Kurgans will soon emerge from Caliphate space. Husk Plagues strike the Feshsham Isles of Madoc. Governor Krychek of Valdalla on Lemankainen is killed.

In the Month of Lextiarch, the Year of Our Lord 4989

Angered by the slow guild response to the ABADDON PROCLAMATION to retake Daishan, Lucifer Abaddon Decados attempts to seize Barter. The troops are repulsed at great cost, and the mobile space station moves to a safer system as its inhabitants, along with local Guildsmen, lodged protest against Lucifer’s Actions. Unfortunately for the Guilds, the nobility sides with the Decados, threatening war with the Muster and a forcible seizure of Guild assets. There is also an attempted takeover of noble property on Bannockburn by the so-called “Butcher of Bannockburn”, the Marquis Amil Saladin al-Malik. This comes as a result of squabbling between the minor noble Houses over decreasing resources throughout the Known Worlds.

In the Month of November, the Year of Our Lord 4989

It seems war is imminent until the Guilds propose to build the MARTYR’S SWORD Battle Station for the war against the Symbiots. A celebration to mark this event is marred by a duel in which Lord Lucifer’s second in command, a Hawkwood noble, is slain and the victor is ignobly poisoned by parties unknown. The Marquis manages to negotiate the COMPACT OF HANFORD KEEP which, in the end, gives permission to the Saladin family to be the sole spokesperson for the nobles on Bannockburn. Lord Lucifer’s sister-wife, Countess Lilith Abaddon, joins her brother in ruling his properties on Istakhr, and a betrothal is proposed between her and the Al-Malik, Jibril.

In the Month of December, the Year of Our Lord 4989

Count Alexi Piotr Romanov Decados of Eastmont County suggests that, in the light of other noble forces now in the system (most notably Lord Lucifer’s), Countess Carmetha Decados take the Stigmata Garrison to aid in the raging Emperor Wars. Possibly because of his advice, she removes her troops from the system and invades Criticorum.

In the Month of Hombory, the Year of Our Lord 4989

Tragedy strikes as Lucifer Abaddon Decados is assassinated. The tribunal convening on Stigmata to discover his murderer is halted when air raid sirens blare and Symbiot troops flood the planet while a fierce battle rages in the stars. When it is done, humans control space but the world is hotly contested.


In the Month of Intercalaris, the Year of Our Lord 4990

An Engineer associated with Endomar Sordiek, a Brother Battle, and Natas Romanov flee Symbiot attack by entering Trey’s Keep. The Keep is destroyed after a mysterious transmission is sent out and Natas calls in an airstrike on the Keep. The invasion of Criticorum under Countess Carmetha Decados is defeated by the Fifth Dark Legion who then aid the Emperor in defeating the Symbiot invasion.