Passion Play: Home & Hearth


In the Month of Mantiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5000

After over a decade of fierce fighting, the humans slowly push back the Symbiots. Though not at their pre-war boundaries, enough people believe the Symbiots are contained and begin resettling.

In the Month of Lextiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5000

An elite team of Guild, Church, and Ukari special ops risk a trip to the forbidden world of Daishan to recover an item that may change the course of the Symbiot War. [War in the Heavens I: Lifeweb – Living Planet]


In the Month of October, the Year of Our Lord 5000

In Manse Romanov, set in Eastmont County, a celebration is hosted by the ruling Romanov family to welcome new members to the County. Two of the three Romanov brothers are rumored to be highly unstable. One of them, in the past, attempted to destroy an entire Court. Outside of the County, the Stigmata Defense Fleet starts looking for a site for a new spaceport, far away from the war front.

In the Month of November, the Year of Our Lord 5000

In Manse Romanov, the first Council of Lords of the new nobles is hosted by the Brothers Romanov. An Alexandrian dairy farmer is suspected of being a Symbiot, infecting his Brutes with subtle spores. A Golem living in Deep Forest Castle appears to be the one responsible for a nanite “Blight” in the County. A witch in Deep Forest known as Dame Fester is blamed for raising a “Headless Jack” demon. Eastmountain is the center of a Vuldrok raid, which moves from there into Deep Forest in pursuit of a demon made of steel. A mad Brother Battle at Imbruglio’s House of Healing starts screaming that an Antimonist Li- Halan named Solomon is responsible for the destruction of Trey’s Keep. The locals of Ridgecrest become terrified of their new lord, Cesar al-Malik, when he is discovered to be a psychic. The Archbishop of Stigmata announces he is dying of Symbiot spores and seventeen metric tons of Xaos gas, a war gas used by Li-Halan marauders from the County of Northern Lights goes missing.

In the Month of December, the Year of Our Lord 5000

In Morrigan Keep of Eastmont Dale, Eastmountain, a Bachannal is hosted by Visili Constantine Decados to celebrate his rise in rank from Baron to Marquis. An Eskatonic priest is revealed to have been tried for heresy for transporting an antinomist tome. A nuclear weapon is used against something called the “Blight”. The resulting blast results in an extremely harsh winter. A Golem is chased by a bunch of large men with ornate axes. The Golem slays most of them, but cannot overcome a warrior using some sort of dark magic.

December, 5000 (cont’d) A group of citizens from Deep Forest murder the tax man to protect their meager earnings. The people of Eastmont Dale are investigated on charges that they are deliberately tainting their crops to avoid paying taxes. A disorganized rebel force in Highlake takes Ironcore and Marstonville away from Ridgecrest Court and add them to Highlake Court. An unnatural thing visits Imbruglio’s House of Healing to silence the screaming Brother Battle. A priest in Northwarden is wanted for questioning in the impregnation of a young woman. Northwarden secessionists have begun their first series of attacks in Eastmountain to weaken the Count’s tax base so that they may demand independence. The 3rd Battalion of Northwarden attacks advance elements of the 3rd SOG Brother Battle Legions in retaliation for the death of their commander. Trees near Dolorous Glen in Stone River are seen dripping blood. Caravans coming in from the north into Northwarden are found deserted. Farmers from Stone River report seeing ghosts of dead friends and family in and around the edges of Deep Forest Foul odors are reported emanating from a mine shaft in the hills of Highlake

Mortos Diablos, in the Year of Our Lord 5000

December 31st [The Haunting of Aramus Keep] – Aramus Keep, Deep Forest: A mass is hosted by Brother Eramus of Brother Battle originally to rededicate the keep to St. Johanna, the first Brother Battle to fall against the Symbiots. The mass awakens the restless spirit of the atheist Aramus and its influence almost brings the Church and the Nobility to blows. Ultimately, though, they uncover the truth behind Aramus’ death and the perfidy of Bishop Cornelius, the priest who killed her.

In the Month of Paularch, the Year of Our Lord 5000

A weapon is uncovered in Stone River that immobilizes other psychics with its scream of pain. The 3rd SOG Brother Battle Legions fight with the forces of Northwarden and plan to try the Court Keeper of Northwarden for treason. Members of the Stone River garrison clash with aliens in the depths of a mine in Highlake. The rebel force that took Ironcore and Marstonville away from Ridgecrest Court are rumored to be sanctioned by the Hawkwoods. The 3rd Battalion of Northwarden attacks advance elements of the 3rd SOG Brother Battle Legions with weapons including Xaos gas. Foul odors overwhelm local villages in Highlake, emanating from an abandoned mine. Now reports of shadowy demons in the mines are confirmed. The Bishop of the County of Northern Lights is chosen to be the successor to the Archbishop of Stigmata. A haunting children’s tune is heard in the winter winds pounding down on Ridgecrest. People fear it’s a local witch coming to take their child.

In the Month of Hombory, the Year of Our Lord 5000

At the Alexandria Yacht Club the “Pax Romanov” is hosted by Sir Natas Romanov to celebrate a peace accord between the Highlake and Ridgcrest Courts. There is also the knighting of a new Hawkwood, Sir Ian Praescence, who used to be the leader of the rebels from Highlake. A Council of Lords is also called. After the celebration, Highlake and Ridgecrest are declared Baronies and the new combined Court of Highcrest is announced. A promise of a 100 firebird reward for the capture of the escaped psychic Cesar Al-Malik causes widespread looting and panic among the troubled regions of Deep Forest and Ridgecrest. Bishop Cornelius of the County of Northern Lights marries two of the most powerful lords in the County together. Aramus Hazat, once believed to be an atheist but now known to be a believer, is suggested for sainthood.

Dies Lamentum, in the Year of Our Lord 5000

On the eve of Dies Lamentum (Hombory 23rd), at Lady Rhiannon’s Hunting Lodge in Stone River an Emergency Council is called by Baronet Cromwell Rosewood Hawkwood to discuss the takeover of Northwarden Court by 3rd SOG and the Emperor’s proclamation of freeing slaves on Lux Splendor. Several nobles meet with Brother Theo, leader of 3rd SOG and successfully negotiate a withdrawal.

Lux Splendor, in the Year of Our Lord 5000

During Lux Splendor (Hombory 25th), Eastmont County hosts Imperial representatives, temporarily turning a castle in Eastmountain into a second Imperial Embassy. Slaves hoping to be freed come to the castle bearing a single light as per the Emperor’s decree. Their contract is then bought by the Emperor and they are released. They are aided in their flight to freedom by an Almathean and a Decados. Over 5,000 slaves are freed in this way and settle in the County.



  • ALEXANDRIA: Sir Natas Romanov Decados
  • DEEP FOREST: Baronet Cromwell Hawkwood
  • EASTMOUNTAIN: Marquis Visili Constantine Decados
  • HIGHCREST: Baronet Aislynn Hawkwood
  • NORTHWARDEN: Don Arias Navarro De Aragon Del Hazat
  • STONE RIVER: Dame Rhiannon Hawkwood

In the Month of Intercalaris, the Year of Our Lord 5001

The search for the escaped psychic becomes frantic as armies in Highlake and Ridgecrest clash. Casualties in Ridgecrest now number in the dozens with many more forced out of their homes. The Hawkwood courtier, Dame Rhiannon, is wounded in a botched assassination attempt. A steel demon dispenses death in a small gray vial that turns victims to gray ash in a matter of minutes. A “Captain Longfellow” is decorated for valor by the Imperial Viceroy, which is odd, because it is rumored that Captain Longfellow is not human. People living near Witchbane plead for help from the Church to find several missing children. It is revealed that one of the engineers in Eastmont County is wanted on Leagueheim for crimes against the Guild.

In the Month of Mantiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5001

In Manse Romanov, a celebration is hosted by the Brothers Romanov for the influx of new serfs into Eastmont County. Sir Natas Romanov is promoted from Knight to Baronet. A new vassal to Visili Decados (Lusmore Decados) is beheaded for gross discourtesy. The Muster Guild puts out a contract on Sister Madeline and Father Gabriel of Eastmont County for 1000fb or an instant promotion (guild members only) because those Church members helped free Muster slaves. The re-captured psychic, Cezar al-Malik is seen in the company of his Church captors, a mere shadow of his former self. A Messianic cult springs up around the Blight calling themselves the Humanitas Nihil. Brother Theo of 3rd SOG is gravely injured by a Symbiot attack. The bodies of several pagans of Deep Forest are discovered partially eaten due to a creature known as a w’nndygau. The Charioteers are seen moving supplies into hiding, in preparation for a quarantine to be enacted in spring.

Mantiarch, 5001 (cont’d) People living near Witchbane are in a state of panic after the brutal death of several children. Since there has been no reply from the Church, it is rumored that they are turning to darker sources for an answer. K’ithon the Twice-Damned, an Eskatonic Priest, is taken off planet to an off-world tribunal. The Hazat, Don Arias, vassal to the Decados, takes possession of Northwarden and wins the people’s hearts. Visili Decados and his retinue leave the planet for Cadiz.

In the Month of Amril, the Year of Our Lord 5001

At Lady Rhiannon’s Hunting Lodge in Stone River, a party is hosted by Hawkwood to welcome newcomers to the County. Chief among them are an exiled Thana and a Justinian noble. A firefight between spacecraft ends up in several out-of-control starships slamming into the County. A plague known as the Crimson Death begins to spread across Eastmont.

In the Month of May, the Year of Our Lord 5001

While he is still away, a party is held on Marquis Visili Decados’ estates to celebrate the promotion of Canon Madeline Fabre Hawkwood. A new plague, known as the Fool’s Cap, appears. This plague destroys people’s minds, leaving them as drooling imbeciles. Elsewhere, a raid on a bandit hideout wipes out 1/3 of the Black Market, crippling it indefinitely. It is also discovered that several of the starships battling over Eastmont County last month were unmanned, controlled from a radio source within Eastmont County.

In the Month of Lextiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5001

Another trip is taken to Rhiannon’s Hunting Lodge, though not for leisure this time. Plague, missing engineers and trouble in Highlake are high on the agenda. Due to the incurability and high infection rate of the Fool’s Cap plague, the County is shut down by the Charioteers and a quarantine is in full effect. The Amaltheans work the plague camps near Marquis Visili’s castle – of special concern to them is the newly freed slaves, now growing desperately ill. The Brother Battle take a different approach and begin killing anyone who exhibits the final stages of the Fool’s Cap plague to try and contain the spread of the disease. Several people on the al-Malik world of Istakhr end up being infected by the “Fool’s Cap” plague leading to an interstellar panic. A group of adventurers, including members of Brother Battle, risk their lives under Highlake to investigate a lead which ends up in a battle between Ukari, golems, and our heroes over a technological cache that might just hold the cure to the plague.

In the Month of September, the Year of Our Lord 5001

The nobles attend a gathering at the villa of the newcomer Masseri knight to discuss the plague, the secret under Highlake and other challenges. The cure for the Fool’s Cap plague (found under Highlake) is slowly being dispersed and the Brother Battle purges are subsiding as the plague comes under control. A golem head rumored to possess great power is recovered from an underground bunker under Highlake. A Charioteer from Eastmont County quarantines the starport at Darmok Station. A strange cult of apocalyptic worshipers terrorize people testing if they are ‘real’ or not.

In the Month of October, the Year of Our Lord 5001

A celebration is held at the Count’s castle, hosted by Sergei Vasili Romanov Decados, to mark his return from ‘The Villa’. The Charioteers lift their quarantine. A group of responsible citizens prepare to go to Downriver in Alexandria and burn it to the ground to stop any further plagues. A group of Brother Battle are incinerated by a somebody caught looting an abandoned military Garrison. A series of unmanned planes are spotted flying over Eastmont County and later land in the Blight. Lt. Xavier Stone of the Charioteers is publically accused of heresy. To prove his innocence, he is sent out to hunt Incarnates in the County.

In the Month of November, the Year of Our Lord 5001

Finally the Count returns from his travels abroad as a new Questing Knight and all gather at Manse Romanov to discuss the recent events in the county and plan for the future. An Amalthean dismisses her Order of Sonare bodyguard when he forsakes his vows of pacifism. Then, she forsakes her own vows to try and stop the leader of the Brother Battle from killing more peasants. In total, over a thousand infected peasants were killed by Brother Battle troops. A Terraforming Node set under Highlake activates mysteriously and begins to pump steam into the atmosphere. Sinister creatures start emerging en masse from Highlake. The eldest Romanov brother, Alexi Romanov, fights several battles in the new court of Highcrest against Ukari soldiers who were apparently guarding one of the exits to a huge underground complex. A group of golems found under Highlake threaten the County with a number of nuclear bombs. Permission is granted to build a starport and Imperial Embassy. The County of Northern Lights deliberately holds back supplies that will allow Eastmont County to build that Starport. Marquis Visili Decados returns to Stigmata but is caught in the Darmak Station quarantine.

In the Month of December, the Year of Our Lord 5001

A small group of nobles meet at the Masseri’s Villa to discuss the impending starport. Later, a Bishopric Council meets to judge the actions of Brother Erasmus of Brother Battle and Sister Madeline Fabre. The Amalthean is later given leave for a sabbatical by the church elders. A series of strange glows are seen near the hunting lodge in Stone River. A floating brothel comes to Eastmont County, much to the delight of the lonely men. A single communication beam is sent out from an unknown source in Eastmont County.

Mortos Diablos, in the Year of Our Lord 5001

December 31st [Lawgiver] – Trey’s Keep, Northwarden. The Keep reopens to visitors who have been invited to attend an opening celebration. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a trap set up by an unnatural thing known as a Lawgiver and its hordes of zombie-like Geneates. It is a night of horror, alien zombies with glowing green teeth, the hideous Lawgiver, heroic marquises, tests of faith and burning dirigibles.

In the Month of Paularch, the Year of Our Lord 5001

Strange glows are reported in Highlake. A number of nobles are reported to have an interest in a small village named ‘Tinmen’. Sinister creatures, last seen emerging from Highlake, are now reported across the County. A group of stiffly moving individuals are seen carrying an impossibly heavy case into the city of Eastmountain. Architects draw up plans for the Imperial Embassy. The Guilds, Nobles, and Church of Eastmont County try to recover the supplies and equipment for the Starport. There is a rumor that the Black Market of Eastmont County is slowly being rebuilt. Downriver Alexandria is set on fire, burning over ½ of the town before it is contained. The church is demanding justice for a group of Brother Battle incinerated by a strike force looting technology from an abandoned military Garrison. The headless corpse of Lusmore Decados shambling around the County is spotted once again.

In the Month of Hombory, the Year of Our Lord 5001

A party and auction to create a ‘border army’ is held at the home of Izarbe Hazat where security is tight except among the staff. Those things that haven’t been stolen are auctioned off and the Decados get very very drunk. Pirates ruthlessly attack boats along the various waterways of Eastmont. Construction on the new Starport begins. It is determined that sacs of body parts found in Highcrest were from victims of the ‘Lawgiver’. The Reeves send in an investigator to check into the death of a noble. Winter is difficult in Deep Forest as a strange parasitic infection saps the strength of its inhabitants. Three women calling themselves the Fates kill two infants in the city of Alexandria. It is believed they did this as an offering. The Archbishop of Stigmata finally dies after a long illness. Bishop Cornelius takes his place as Archbishop. Spies from the County of Northern Lights are discovered to have infiltrated several households in Northwarden.

Lux Splendor, in the Year of Our Lord 5001

The grand opening of the Scraver Establishment on Lux Splendor (Hombory 25th) almost goes up with a bang as several bombs are discovered but instead turns into a festival of arguing, door breaking and the severing of guild-nobility friendship, topped off by an interesting card game with a mad marquis betting people’s lives including an imperiled Avestite. It is believed that Father Gabriel will soon be declared Bishop of Eastmont County, in exchange for his support of Bishop Cornelius’ position as Archbishop of Stigmata. A promoter at a recent event is cleared of charges of thievery. There is rumors of ‘ghost technology’ floating about. Ghost technology is the science of technologically bringing the dead back to life. A nobleman from Ravenna plans a visit to a long-lost relation.



  • ALEXANDRIA: Sir Natas Romanov Decados
  • DEEP FOREST: Baronet Cromwell Hawkwood
  • EASTMOUNTAIN: Marquis Visili Constantine Decados
  • HIGHCREST: Baronet Aislynn Hawkwood
  • NORTHWARDEN: Dona Izarbe Checa de Montilla Dulcinea Hazat de Sutek
  • STONE RIVER: Dame Rhiannon Hawkwood

In the Month of Horach, the Year of Our Lord 5002

A return to Manse Romanov, the return of the prodigal marquis Visili and numerous visitors (some in tanks) make for a chilly if interesting evening. Alia is visited by her brother and Endomar speaks to an old ‘friend’ Moloch. A band of pirates set fire to the fields of a Thana noble living on the coast. Father Gabriel is confirmed as Bishop of Eastmont County, in exchange for his support of Bishop Cornelius. A Scraver working for Xerex is tried and burned for smuggling heretical items. Dame Rhiannon contacts the Hawkwood homeworld for permission to marry Sir Jonathan Michael Hawkwood. Treasure hunters start looking for a Justinian treasure stolen by Xavier Stone, who, according to rumor, has been resurrected from the dead.

In the Month of Mantiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5002

The Torneo de la Hoja Bailante at Dona Izarbe Hazat’s brings some surprises: one poisoning, one temporarily insane Reeve, one (almost) dead priest are all part and parcel of a Hazat party. There is a marriage brewing within the Hazat camp, though no one seems to know who the bride and groom are. Hazat border guards lead a small raiding party against the Northwarden militia and sets fire to their barracks. Several Scravers working for Xerex present stolen Guild documents that map out a sensitive League installation. The Amalthean, Madeline Fabre, meets with the allegedly dead Xavier Stone.

Mantiarch, 5002 (cont’d) The Guilds are concerned about the terraforming node that was the genesis of the Fool’s Cap plague. The Church feels the same way. Both sides demand that the node be placed under their direct control. And last, but not least, Jacob Green, a well known pirate and smuggler, is spotted in Stone River.

In the Month of May, the Year of Our Lord 5002

An urgent meeting at Manse Romanov is held to discuss impending war and other unpleasantness. The Count, Vladimir, returns as things heat up in the County of Northern Lights. The Church and the Guilds face off against each other over the Terraforming Node. Things come to blows at the Guildhall in Dry Rot. Golem infiltrators are uncovered and the mysterious Red Squadron arrives to bomb Dry Rot with an EMP pulse. Vuldrok are sighted once again in Deep Forest. Stagg Lines, a profitable interstellar trading cabal, sends Josephina Stagg to investigate the Stone River starport for a potential major investment. A strange figure is seen emerging from the radioactive Everburn bearing a package that glows in the night.

In the Month of Lextiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5002

The war council of Eastmont County meets, preparing for the worst. Brother D’andeli is put before a Synod regarding her treatment of the psychic Cesar al-Malik. An Avesti arrives in time to investigate charges brought against Sister Madeline by Dona Izarbe. Dona Izarbe is promoted to Baroness. Baronet Rasputin leaves to guard the southern pass while Baronessa Izarbe guards the Northern one. Several members of the Northwarden Militia vanish. Lament Pharmeceuticals, in the Country of Northern Light, (as well as a number of other facilities) is destroyed by partisans. Natas Romanov is named by the County of Northern Lights as the person responsible for planning these attacks.

In the Month of September, the Year of Our Lord 5002

As war looms, the war council meets at Manse Romanov to discuss strategy as darker currents move underneath. Unfortunately for them, war is much closer than they think. Baronessa Izarbe breaks with the County and leads the invasion of Northern Lights against Eastmont. Rasputin’s forces are trapped and devastated, as are the Hawkwoods in Deep Forest. Bombing raids take place across the county killing many. Northwarden is set firmly in enemy hands as the Reeves try to motivate the Guilds into intervening and darker solutions involving demons and forbidden lore are proposed.

In the Month of October, the Year of Our Lord 5002

Marquis Visili takes center stage as he and a delegation go to Star Court. Despite a successfully negotiated truce, 3rd SOG and 5th Dark Legion march to ‘aid’ Eastmont and the County of Northern Lights, nuclear war is almost declared between Zuped and Northern Durem, Zuped invades Eastmont as the Vrool Protectorate sends aid in breach of treaty and the fires of war threaten to sweep the world. Thankfully the timely intervention of the Imperial ambassador brings peace… or does it?

In the Month of November, the Year of Our Lord 5002

The ISTAL ACCORDS are negotiated by Count Vladimir, Marquis Visili and Baroness Alia and are accepted by the forces of Northern Lights and the Northwarden Alliance. This treaty, which calls for a series of reparations and economic ties, is signed at a meeting of the nations of Stigmata in the neutral Barony of Istal. The forces of Northern Lights perform an orderly withdrawal. Engineers and other Guild forces position themselves to undo the damage of the past conflict and bring Eastmont back to a prosperous state.

November, 5002 (cont’d) Zuped forces stationed in the Eastmont barony of Highlake withdraw upon the arrival of Imperial forces. Under the conditions of the peace treaty between Northern Lights and Eastmont County, Count Vladimir Romanov Decados and Baronesa Izarbe Checa de Montilla Dulcinea Hazat de Sutek announce they are to be wed. The head of the Stigmata Garrison contacts the Count to extend her sincere wishes for a long, healthy, and fruitful marriage. A meeting between a representative from Eastmont County and Zuped military commanders about psychic troops takes place. The so_called ‘fugitive priest’ Sister Madeline Fabre Hawkwood is caught and, in a plea bargain negotiated by her family, her sentence is commuted from death to exile. Her cousin, Baron Jonathan Michael Ironheart Hawkwood returns her to the Hawkwood worlds, accompanied by Endomar Sordiek. Vau ships enter the system and make planetfall accompanied by elements of the Imperial Fleet. There, at the new star station in Eastmont County, they start a tour of the planet. After a quick visit of all the major ports, they return to the starport and grant an alien artifact to the station’s proprietor, Sir Michael Roliat Masseri. As soon as the Vau depart, Sir Roliat is immediately taken into Imperial Custody.

In the Month of December, the Year of Our Lord 5002

A group of representatives from Stigmata as well as an old ‘friend’ currently living on Kordeth are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Vau Hegemony. During their stay there, things go awry as they are embroiled in a conspiracy that may be as old as the universe itself. [War in the Heavens 2: Hegemony- Elabi]. People from Deep Forest claim an unholy group of peasants have captured a demon summoned by a fallen priest. Though the demon was originally summoned to assist in the expulsion of the County of Northern Lights, who knows what horrific intention it will now be turned to. The peasants were last allegedly seen heading towards Stone River.

Mortos Diablos, in the Year of Our Lord 5002

December 31st [Changelings] – Terraforming Substation, under Project Tinman, Stone River. While the gentry of Eastmont County enjoy a relatively quiet holiday, a group of imposters are beset by a demon that threatens their very identity.

In the Month of Pauliarch, the Year of Our Lord 5002

The current Duke of Istakhr, Hakim al_Malik is quite upset with one of the members of his House on Stigmata. According to insider sources, a contingent of ambassadors from Eastmont County (including the infamous war hero Baron Michael Jonathan Ironheart Hawkwood) were seen conversing with the Duke late into the night. Mya Decados demonstrates herself to be sane and is released from custody. Archbishop Cornelius makes life extremely uncomfortable for Zuped with church audits, lots of bishops visiting, and an unspoken hint that Baron Vladimir the Lesser should be stripped of his post. Damage to the Eastmont courtships due to the war are assessed to be relatively minimal. A lot of what is needed is reassuring people. The worst hit section are the castles of Alexandria and Eastmont and a shipyard. According to photographs, a blimp shot down during the war appears to be filled with false Amaltheans. Zuped opens negotiations with Eastmont county. Their terms: The death of Vladimir the Lesser for declaring war against Northern Durem.

In the Month of Hombory, the Year of Our Lord 5002

Marquis Vasili’s Eastmont Dale provides the location for a subdued meeting. Despite the peace, many are still strongly affected by the conflict, especially the Hazat. A crisis leads to bloodshed, an attempted suicide and promises to the Church. But can the Church stop what lurks in the shadows?


In the Month of Intercalaris, the Year of Our Lord 5003

An invitation to one of Marquis Sergei’s “pleasure palaces” turns into a distinctly unpleasant evening. The evil demon N’tertech returns, a noble makes a pact and the church and Marquis Vasili make a valiant effort to banish it. They succeed… for the moment.

In the month of Horach, the Year of Our Lord 5003

The dedication of the new Cathedral goes with a bang! Assorted churchmembers, nobles and guilders flee as explosives rip apart the structure and all minds are turned to who could have committed such an atrocity. Northwarden and Northern Lights troops start moving out into southern Northwarden, Deep Forest, and Alexandria for reasons unknown. A new artifact of Vuldrok manufacture is found in Deep Forest near the remains of a destroyed golem. Once again, a haunting child’s tune is heard on the winds of Witchbane. Three women clothed in the flesh of a child are seen laughing in the streets late one night, screaming that the spawn of Pangeren is set loose upon the world. Lord Visili’s house undergoes some sort of raid; his family’s crypt is desecrated by dogs with saucer-shaped eyes.

In the Month of Mantiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5003

A Decados “Fetish Party” has all the expected charm and subtlety, with Lady Mya Decados in marvellous form embarrassing the delicate sensibilities of Lady Rhiannon while unexpected Vuldrok guests attempt to rid the county of a very unwanted guest. The soon-to-be wed Baronessa Izarbe of the Hazat is assaulted by a group of horrible dog-like creatures with saucer-shaped eyes. One of these foul things is seen with rotting human flesh still caught in its jaws. Baron Vladimir the Lesser is sent back to Eastmont as a present from Zuped – in a box with his lips tied shut. Sir Ian Pleasance of Highlake sees his Manse raided by a group of irritated farmhands and miners from Ridgecrest The head of the Stigmata Garrison, Lady Lucinda Dulcinea Hazat, threatens to punish the members of Eastmont County for sending a demon against the Hazat.

In the Month of May, the Year of Our Lord 5003

A church sponsored yacht race turns violent with bombs and ambushes making the evening rather more eventful than anticipated. Some get wet and others get to marvel at the speed of Marquis Vasili’s war barge. Imperial envoys start a detailed investigation. Who is betraying the will of the Empire? Baronessa Izarbe completes her tour of Stigmata, and plans on implementing new and innovative ideas for bringing Eastmont into a new renaissance.

In the Month of Lextiarch, the Year of Our Lord 5003

A plague of unknown origin sweeping across Eastmont turns out to be radiation poisoning, deliberately spread to allow the golem Longlife (also known by its Vuldrok name “Grendel”) and his artificial progeny, the inhabitants of Namnit Village to leave the planet before the Imperials destroy them. Evacuation of portions of Eastmont begins, under the supervision of Endomar, Izarbe, and Contessa Syvanna Decados of Northern Lights. Imperial forces also assist. Flare Call, under provisions of the Charioteer Code commandeers two ships to give chase to Longlife’s vessel and the craft bearing his progeny. A pitched battle is waged in space between Longlife and Flare near Starbase Sanctuary. The battle results in severe damage to Starbase Sanctuary. Guild and Eastmont forces under the command of Marquessa Izarbe Hazat lay seige to the terraforming node, which had been shut off by the golems, and reactivate it. Eastmont forces recover a total of 4 out of six missing nuclear devices.

In the Month of September, the Year of Our Lord 5003

Ending a two month investigation into Longlife, the Vuldrok, and the members of Eastmont County, Imperial forces spring into action just as Longlife struggles to leave the system. Under the orders of two Imperial envoys, Imperial Marauders converge on the destroyed Starbase Sanctuary to look for survivors and locate Longlife. Despite extensive efforts to keep him contained, Longlife manages to impersonate one of the envoys and take a vessel to Starbase Valiant, the naval shipyard for the Stigmata Star Navy. There, Longlife uses the nanite blight (originally designed by Endomar of Eastmont County) to force opposition away from his landing. The envoys arrive to find the station heavily infiltrated by Longlife’s minions and an evacuation under way by Star Navy personnel. While the Imperials fight to retake the station, Longlife’s minions take over the Imperial Viceroy’s flagship and an Imperial stealth ship. Working in concert with a Vuldrok strike team (apparently the original creators of Longlife), the Imperials succeed in crippling the Viceroy’s flagship and destroying the stealth ship. In the end, multiple concentrated bursts of fire from the station’s leeward guns destroy Longlife. Longlife’s robotic ‘children’ bereft of their creator, finally run out of power and ‘die’. The Vuldrok, who assisted in the hunt and destruction of the rogue creature vanish from the system, presumably leaving back for their home world. Their ship, a stolen Hazat vessel known as the Kentara, was never found.

In the Month of October, the Year of Our Lord 5003

In the end, it comes down to this, a marriage between enemies, a final confrontation with the forces of darkness, and either redemption or madness as the fate for the gentry, their people, and the millions who live upon Stigmata. The stage is taken and the drama unfolds. Frightened nations, driven to the brink of war by demonic interference, watch as Marquesa Izarbe begins to die, the key to starting the war that will engulf the world. The demon N’tertech, summoned by an insane Avesti to punish Hazat invaders, possesses the true love of Marquess Alia Hawkwood, leading her to make a decision between saving her people and saving the man she loves. A Scraver assassin, long thought dead, returns with a nuclear bomb, set to destroy everyone there if he is not given redemption. The sins of the past come to visit everyone as conspiracies unravel and dark secrets are revealed. Through the power of their faith and tenacity, the gentry of Eastmont County attract the attention of the Empyreans, divine heralds of the Pancreator, who entered the fray to banish the infernal presence of N’tertech but at a cost – the life of the pregnant Lady Seradi, who had unwittingly offered herself up as a host to the demon 9 months earlier. Her child is saved even as her body is spirited away, later to be resurrected by the divine messengers and given a second chance at life. It was a tearful time, it was a painful time, a test forged in fire, faith and steel that the gentry passed through with determination and fortitude.


In the Month of October, the Year of Our Lord 5003

Having passed their test of faith and overcoming the numerous challenges that nearly overwhelmed them, the gentry of Eastmont County find an amazing future opening up. Their Count, Vladimir Romanov, marries Marquese Izarbe of the Hazat. The sinister Contessa of Northern Lights and her now-revealed Symbiot ‘husband’ are killed by the passionate Baronet, Natas Romanov. He receives the Domain of Santa Cruz, one of the Contessa’s three realms in return for purging the threat.

In the Month of November, the Year of Our Lord 5003

Upon the Contessa’s death, her remaining lands are divided between Visili Constantine Decados (who becomes the Count of Eversmere) and Marquese Izarbe (Countess of the Silver Phoenix), making the hated lands of Northern Lights into an Eastmont County vassal. The lands south of Northern Lights, leaderless after the death of Marquis Consyllus Hawkwood, are granted to Michael Roliat Masseri, the head of the Eastmont County Starport, making him a Baron and bringing more territory under Eastmont County control.

In the Month of December, the Year of Our Lord 5003

The terraforming node is sealed by the Empire, but a select number of Engineers, hand-picked by Endomar Sordiek (enjoying a recent raise in rank), is allowed to continue research there. Some of this research allows the County to purge some earlier radiation damage quicker than expected and the next crop is expected to be more bountiful than ever.

Mortos, Diablos, in the Year of Our Lord 5003

December 31st[Just Desserts] The ever-scheming Archbishop Cornelius is assassinated, his killer believed to be the same one that killed Lucifer Abbadon Decados 15 years earlier. Of course, there are a few others out there who are more likely to have been the culprit but the mysterious Abbadon assassin is blamed.

In the Month of Paularch, in the Year of Our Lord, 5003

Cornelius’ chosen replacement is Bishop Gabriel Hawkwood of Eastmont. Under Gabriel Hawkwood’s watch, the Cathedral of Eastmont County is scheduled to be rebuilt and should ultimately attract pilgrims from Bannockburn, Nowhere and Istakhr. Gabriel also supervises the removal of several major church artifacts from the vaults of Trey’s Keep, which remains in the hands of Hawkwoods loyal to the Church. The remnants of the Fifth Dark Legion, left on Stigmata after the Symbiot Wars, are finally decommissioned and sent back to al-Malik space. The second largest army on the planet, Third S.O.G., is put under the direct command of Jonathan Hawkwood.

In the Month of Hombory, in the Year of Our Lord, 5003

On an interstellar front, the Masseri use events on Stigmata to try and break their ties with House Decados. It is unsuccessful, but it does give them gains which may allow them to try again later. Most notably, they forge strong alliances with House Romanov which does apparently manage to break its ties to the Decados and become a true, free minor House.

Lux Splendor, in the Year of Our Lord, 5003

[Lux Splendor] As the year 5003 comes to an end, Count Vladimir Romanov is elevated to the position of Imperial Viceroy, coordinator of the entire Stigmata system defense. His successor, until such time as his and Izarbe’s heirs come of age, is an Imperial Envoy, a noble who has long loved the County and had hoped to remain there.


In the Month of Lextiarch, in the Year of Our Lord, 5003

The Vau invite an elite team of Guild, Church, and Ukari special ops to visit Vau worlds and open a dialogue, which leads to the overriding question: what do they really want? [War in the Heavens II: Hegemony – Elabi]