Master Timeline

Distant Prehistory

  • 100 million years ago Ancestors of the Oro’ym of Madoc colonize the land (PC, 152).
  • 7-10 million years ago Estimates for the date of sentience amongst the Oro’ym (PC, 152).
  • c. 1,700,000BC The Obun-Ukari drink from the waters of life (CotG p. 52)

Recent Prehistory

  • 40,000 BC Oldest dated Anunnaki ruin (Core, 17).
  • 12000BC Oro’ym supposedly visit Earth to about 6,000BC (PC, 153).
  • c. 6000BC War in the Heavens destroys Oro’ym city of Anan Annalk (PC, 153). The elder races desert the Oro’ym and a caste system arises in their culture (PC, 153).
  • c. 5500BC First instances of live young (as opposed to laying eggs) amongst the Oro’ym (PC, 154).
  • 1333BC Mythological war between the Ukari and the Obun to 928BC (CotG p. 52).
  • 928BC Removal of Ukari to Kordeth begins. Finishred by 922BC (CotG p. 52).
  • c. 900BC Founding of Zhri’aalloi on Velisamil (CotG p. 15).
  • 830BC Palace of Nadakira constructed on Mount Shadderik on Kordeth (CotG p. 52).
  • Year One of Ukari Calendar
  • 730BC The Noddavitya (“Book of War”) compiled by the shaman-bards of Hakar. This work was meant to preserve Ukari origins and wars on Obun before the knowledge grew old and helped define aspects of the Banjak religion. (CotG p. 52).
  • 230BC Katari Wars begin on Kordeth; Ukari spread from north into Kordeth’s interior (CotG p. 52)
  • c. 100BC Culture hero Mhutau leads the Ded’ym (Free Warriors) against the decadent Priest-Kings of the Oro’ym (PC, 153).
  • 98AD Ukari state this was the last visit by the Sons of Rillos (CotG p. 52).


  • 100AD Anunnaki disappear from history, abandoning the Obun and Ukar (Core, 17).
  • c. 100AD The Dereliction on Velisamil. Departure of the Lightbringers (CotG p. 15). City-states of Vis and Corpello founded near South Pole of Kordeth (CotG p. 52).
  • c. 300 Zhri’aalloi falls; the Savage Age begins on Velisamil (CotG p. 15). Katari Wars end (CotG, 52).
  • c. 400 Saznakaer the Lost unites the remaining Oro’ym and gives them the Lukabankor (Code of Peace), forbidding them to war on one another (PC, 154).
  • c. 500 Rise of Ostiri Empire in South and the Antazac Alliance in the north of Kordeth (CotG p. 52)
  • 511? Great Desolation on Velisamil (CotG p. 15).
  • 603 Omactin Empire of the south conquers Antazac Alliance in the north of Kordeth; first verified date of Ukari history (CotG p. 52).
  • c. 1100 Fall of Ostiri Empire to barbarian clans; independent kingdoms carved out across Kordeth by the triumphant clans (CotG p. 52).
  • 1622 Tathdun Maj Tandir, later known as Ronga, born (CotG p. 53).
  • 1702 Ronga dies (CotG p. 53)
  • 1788 Rebellion against petty kings (to 1808) creates Usturak, the United Clans Nation, and allies in south of Kordeth. Aristocracy slain; clans reassert rights (CotG p. 52)
  • 1800 Vau reach space (Core, 17).
  • 1866 Founding of Bintaru (CotG p. 15)
  • 1871 Tri-Nation Confederacy founded on Velisamil (CotG p. 15)
  • 1873 Chronicles of Olannon written (CotG p. 15)
  • 1886 Tuval, the dictator of Omactin, attacks the southern clans on Kordeth in Great War.
  • 1892 The clan nations of the south, utilizing higher technology, defeat Omactin, slay the aristocracy and create a world under Usturak’s hegemony (CotG p. 52)
  • 2001 Trial of Vahn ma Noleni, the Bintaru preacher, on Velisamil (CotG p. 15).
  • 2011 Founding of Obun Federation; Savage Age ends (CotG p. 15).
  • 2023 Obun Federation globalizes (CotG p. 15).